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Thanksgiving Weekend and the Youngsters are having Fun

While you and I were having “Way Too Much Turkey”, followed by naps during football games, there were a bunch of families taking their Youngsters out for a day or two of the Dry Run Creek Experience. Once again there were many Fish caught, many Happy Youngsters, even happier Parents, and Grandparents. Some came into the shop bought a couple things, then headed up there. I know Richard gave some volunteer hours to some of the folks and they seemed very happy that he did. Between Steve and Richard (the two best volunteers at Dry Run Creek) there are many, many happy families leaving our North Arkansas Jewel.Check out all the photos …. Some really happy folks!!!

AGFC has released next year’s changes to Trout Fishing in ourpart of Arkansas, the press release follows:

Hello Everyone,

This morning(November 21st), the AGFC Commissioners voted on the proposedregulations for the Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters trout fisheries (seeAGFC press release below).  Five of the six regulations were approved andwill take effect on January 1st, 2018.  The followingregulations were passed for trout fishing on the two tailwaters:

1.      The daily limit on all trout species combined will stay five fish per day, but only one of those fish may be 14 inches or larger.  This means anglers will be able to keep 5 Rainbow Trout less than 14 inches OR 4 Rainbow Trout less than 14 inches and one of the following: 1 rainbow trout (14 inches or longer), 1 brook trout (14 inches or longer), 1cutthroat trout (24 inches or longer), or 1 brown trout (24 inches or longer);

2.      The daily limit on cutthroat trout has been reduced from two to one fish per day, and the minimum length limit for that species has increased from16 to 24 inches;

3.      The daily limit on brook trout has been reduced from two to one fish per day;

4.      When using natural (e.g.,corn, worms, sculpins) or scented bait (e.g., Powerbait), anglers are now required to only use a single hooking point.  This does not include artificial lures (jigs, spoons, etc.) that have multiple hooking points;

5.      The Monkey Island Catch-and-Release Area on Bull Shoals Tailwater has been removed.


The sixth proposed regulation, to extend the Rim Shoals Catch-and-Release Area approximately two miles downstream, was removed from the proposals before the vote this morning. Now for the pictures:

We will be working with our Communications and Education Divisions to provide information and educate anglers about the new regulations that will take effect January 1st. I respectfully request that as stakeholders of these resources, that you will please work with us to advise your families, friends, clients, and guests about the new regulations.

As a reminder, the objective of the proposed regulations and the intent of the public workshops in August was to solicit input that will help us in revising the management plans for the Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters.  The management plans are away to establish goals and objectives that address the full range of angler desires and expectations for the fisheries. We are still working to revise the plans and will hopefully finalize them by the end of the year. Regulations that were approved today will be incorporated into the revised plans.  I’ll keep you posted with more information on the development ofthe management plans as it becomes available.

Thanks to all who participated in the public input process. We believe the regulations that were approved today will go a long ways towards providing more quality trout fishing opportunities on the rivers that will benefit all users. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Christy

So we’re approx. 30 days away from NEW Regulations …. Might want to pass this information on to others that you know will be fishing theWhite or Norfork Tailwaters. The changes may not affect you or me, but it is best to know what the Regulations are. Now for the photos:


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Kaleb is a happy Guy, with a Brown

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