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Water Conditions and Fishing

Warning, this one is kinda long …. First and Foremost,everyone wants to know what the water is like ….

Norfork River Tailwater has been mostly at Minimum Flow (200-210 cfs), 2-3 hours of generation daily (3212 cfs). Dissolved Oxygen levels fluctuate from 6.8 mg/l to 7.8 mg/l (not great but not bad at all, below6.0 mg/l AGFC does not stock). Water temps are 60 – 61 degrees, little warm but not bad. Water is definitely stained (think 2 thirds water, one third chocolate milk), but is getting cleaner/better. Guides and Customers are reporting Good Fishing, with some people just not having as much luck as they prefer. There have been reports of Redds being cleared out, so Please be careful when wading,give em space to do their thing!

White River Tailwater has been steady flowing, steady generation at approx. 3000 cfs (Bull Shoals Dam reporting has been “broke” for a long time, they say their trying to fix it but ….) Dissolved Oxygen levels are fluctuating between 6.0 mg/l to 7.0 mg/l (again not great but not terrible). Water temps are between 61 and 62 degrees (not good, but not bad either). Water is clear, wading is very limited. Again Guides and Customers are reporting Good fishing.

*Note: Dissolved Oxygen levels are reported at the dams gauges,so further down river they will be dropping, with no reports of bad conditions.

See the following for all of the above information dissolved oxygen and temp information for river flows, pick the river you want (warning Bull Shoals is “broke” so you have to take that info with the grain of salt we all have in our pocket for the forecast of the next days generation (usually reported after 4:00pm each day (Friday afternoon they will forecast Sat, Sun and Mon)

That’s all the “Oh-Fish-al” information I can report, so now we’ll get to some FISH …..

Dominic Zametto (Two Rivers) had clients that enjoyed theirday, some of his clients came in and explained to me that they just plain “Wore em out!”. Really liked hearing that! They must have done well, cause Dom just isn’t a photo kinda guy. A nice Cuttie, and a real nice Brown …. To show off some of their results!

Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers, Ferguson Fly Fishing) sent me a “Scenic Photo”, a fat Bo-Bo, and a couple really nice Browns. Again Happy Clients, that had to tell me how good their days went (noticing a pattern here aren’t you).

Matt Millner (Two Rivers, Rising River Guides) sent in a photo of a real nice Cuttie, and a Good Brown. He did say that they were hitting the Ruby dropper, but had some Hopper rollovers (just didn’t connect). And yes I had to listen to more stories of how their day was Great! (Yeah I’m getting a little envious, and beginning to not want to listen)

Then Taylor Wooten (Two Rivers. Flippin Fly Guides) sends in a photo of a very Happy, Pretty Lady with a Nice Streamer eating Brown" … bythis time I’m green and just don’t want to listen to the rambling on about how “that fish nailed it!”

So if Brad Smith (Two Rivers, AR Headhunters), Barry Annalora (Two Rivers), Clint Wilkerson (Two Rivers), or Larry Babin (Two Rivers, Hogs on the Fly) had any stories I had already walked away with my hands in the air, sayin “I don’t want to hear it!” Guess I really need to get out on the water and make My own stories, then I’ll be right back in there with em!

If you want to be telling the stories and not reading/listening about them …. Get one of these guys to get you on the Fish ….. just don’t expect me to stand there for 30 – 45 minutes listening to you ramble on and on about how great your day was …. Jus sayin …The life of an “Exalted Fly Shop Bum”can be a little stressful …

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