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Week Before Christmas

“Home for the Holidays” is a saying that means a lot to me this year …. Man it’s Good to be Home! When we are away from Family and Friends around the Holidays, well, it just ain’t right. It’s nice to be helping make my famous Jack “Black” Daniels Whiskey Balls, Reindeer Chow, and various Candies, Cookiesand Cakes … the Kitchen smells wonderful … plus the smiles people get when they get a Holiday care package …. Warms my heart (maybe that’s too many Whiskey Balls) …. No matter what you do …. Create something that you can share with Friends, Family and even a couple Strangers …. Share the Joy this Christmas Season .... come by the Shop on Christmas Eve for that last minute gift and possibly a little Christmas Cheer ....

Now the serious stuff, This last week a couple of Retired,Successful Engineers came over. One from out west, the other from Nathanael Ferguson’s (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) old stomping grounds. These are the type of folks that book 2-3 days to make sure they get at least one day of good weather and good fishing. They really did their homework, had the plan made and were ready to execute it, True Professionals! Neither Nathan nor the River disappointed them at all. Sunday was a little overcast after the rain but that was the worst of the weather. After catching lots of Fish and enjoying their stay immensely,they decided to create the perfect Christmas Card to show their Friends and Family just how Professional they are, remember these are Highly Educated,Successful Engineers, then look at the photo ….. these guys just know how to have fun!  Betting that Nathan had a great time showing them ours Rivers!

Come on over, up or in .... Book a couple days with one of our Guides, have a memorable time and maybe make the Perfect Christmas Card to show all your Friends just how a great a person you are, plus they may get an idea of what you want for next year .... jus sayin .....

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Thanksgiving Weekend and the Youngsters are having Fun

While you and I were having “Way Too Much Turkey”, followed by naps during football games, there were a bunch of families taking their Youngsters out for a day or two of the Dry Run Creek Experience. Once again there were many Fish caught, many Happy Youngsters, even happier Parents, and Grandparents. Some came into the shop bought a couple things, then headed up there. I know Richard gave some volunteer hours to some of the folks and they seemed very happy that he did. Between Steve and Richard (the two best volunteers at Dry Run Creek) there are many, many happy families leaving our North Arkansas Jewel.Check out all the photos …. Some really happy folks!!!

AGFC has released next year’s changes to Trout Fishing in ourpart of Arkansas, the press release follows:

Hello Everyone,

This morning(November 21st), the AGFC Commissioners voted on the proposedregulations for the Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters trout fisheries (seeAGFC press release below).  Five of the six regulations were approved andwill take effect on January 1st, 2018.  The followingregulations were passed for trout fishing on the two tailwaters:

1.      The daily limit on all trout species combined will stay five fish per day, but only one of those fish may be 14 inches or larger.  This means anglers will be able to keep 5 Rainbow Trout less than 14 inches OR 4 Rainbow Trout less than 14 inches and one of the following: 1 rainbow trout (14 inches or longer), 1 brook trout (14 inches or longer), 1cutthroat trout (24 inches or longer), or 1 brown trout (24 inches or longer);

2.      The daily limit on cutthroat trout has been reduced from two to one fish per day, and the minimum length limit for that species has increased from16 to 24 inches;

3.      The daily limit on brook trout has been reduced from two to one fish per day;

4.      When using natural (e.g.,corn, worms, sculpins) or scented bait (e.g., Powerbait), anglers are now required to only use a single hooking point.  This does not include artificial lures (jigs, spoons, etc.) that have multiple hooking points;

5.      The Monkey Island Catch-and-Release Area on Bull Shoals Tailwater has been removed.


The sixth proposed regulation, to extend the Rim Shoals Catch-and-Release Area approximately two miles downstream, was removed from the proposals before the vote this morning. Now for the pictures:

We will be working with our Communications and Education Divisions to provide information and educate anglers about the new regulations that will take effect January 1st. I respectfully request that as stakeholders of these resources, that you will please work with us to advise your families, friends, clients, and guests about the new regulations.

As a reminder, the objective of the proposed regulations and the intent of the public workshops in August was to solicit input that will help us in revising the management plans for the Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters.  The management plans are away to establish goals and objectives that address the full range of angler desires and expectations for the fisheries. We are still working to revise the plans and will hopefully finalize them by the end of the year. Regulations that were approved today will be incorporated into the revised plans.  I’ll keep you posted with more information on the development ofthe management plans as it becomes available.

Thanks to all who participated in the public input process. We believe the regulations that were approved today will go a long ways towards providing more quality trout fishing opportunities on the rivers that will benefit all users. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Christy

So we’re approx. 30 days away from NEW Regulations …. Might want to pass this information on to others that you know will be fishing theWhite or Norfork Tailwaters. The changes may not affect you or me, but it is best to know what the Regulations are. Now for the photos:


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Kaleb is a happy Guy, with a Brown

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Water Conditions and Fishing

Warning, this one is kinda long …. First and Foremost,everyone wants to know what the water is like ….

Norfork River Tailwater has been mostly at Minimum Flow (200-210 cfs), 2-3 hours of generation daily (3212 cfs). Dissolved Oxygen levels fluctuate from 6.8 mg/l to 7.8 mg/l (not great but not bad at all, below6.0 mg/l AGFC does not stock). Water temps are 60 – 61 degrees, little warm but not bad. Water is definitely stained (think 2 thirds water, one third chocolate milk), but is getting cleaner/better. Guides and Customers are reporting Good Fishing, with some people just not having as much luck as they prefer. There have been reports of Redds being cleared out, so Please be careful when wading,give em space to do their thing!

White River Tailwater has been steady flowing, steady generation at approx. 3000 cfs (Bull Shoals Dam reporting has been “broke” for a long time, they say their trying to fix it but ….) Dissolved Oxygen levels are fluctuating between 6.0 mg/l to 7.0 mg/l (again not great but not terrible). Water temps are between 61 and 62 degrees (not good, but not bad either). Water is clear, wading is very limited. Again Guides and Customers are reporting Good fishing.

*Note: Dissolved Oxygen levels are reported at the dams gauges,so further down river they will be dropping, with no reports of bad conditions.

See the following for all of the above information dissolved oxygen and temp information for river flows, pick the river you want (warning Bull Shoals is “broke” so you have to take that info with the grain of salt we all have in our pocket for the forecast of the next days generation (usually reported after 4:00pm each day (Friday afternoon they will forecast Sat, Sun and Mon)

That’s all the “Oh-Fish-al” information I can report, so now we’ll get to some FISH …..

Dominic Zametto (Two Rivers) had clients that enjoyed theirday, some of his clients came in and explained to me that they just plain “Wore em out!”. Really liked hearing that! They must have done well, cause Dom just isn’t a photo kinda guy. A nice Cuttie, and a real nice Brown …. To show off some of their results!

Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers, Ferguson Fly Fishing) sent me a “Scenic Photo”, a fat Bo-Bo, and a couple really nice Browns. Again Happy Clients, that had to tell me how good their days went (noticing a pattern here aren’t you).

Matt Millner (Two Rivers, Rising River Guides) sent in a photo of a real nice Cuttie, and a Good Brown. He did say that they were hitting the Ruby dropper, but had some Hopper rollovers (just didn’t connect). And yes I had to listen to more stories of how their day was Great! (Yeah I’m getting a little envious, and beginning to not want to listen)

Then Taylor Wooten (Two Rivers. Flippin Fly Guides) sends in a photo of a very Happy, Pretty Lady with a Nice Streamer eating Brown" … bythis time I’m green and just don’t want to listen to the rambling on about how “that fish nailed it!”

So if Brad Smith (Two Rivers, AR Headhunters), Barry Annalora (Two Rivers), Clint Wilkerson (Two Rivers), or Larry Babin (Two Rivers, Hogs on the Fly) had any stories I had already walked away with my hands in the air, sayin “I don’t want to hear it!” Guess I really need to get out on the water and make My own stories, then I’ll be right back in there with em!

If you want to be telling the stories and not reading/listening about them …. Get one of these guys to get you on the Fish ….. just don’t expect me to stand there for 30 – 45 minutes listening to you ramble on and on about how great your day was …. Jus sayin …The life of an “Exalted Fly Shop Bum”can be a little stressful …

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Image titleImage titleImage titleImage title Fat Bo-bo photo courtesy of Nathanael FergusonImage titleImage title

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Stone Crab Noodling and other such things ....

Some of you may know, some don’t …. I have been in Savannah,Georgia, off and on for the past couple months. Old Career Life raised its head. Anyway, last weekend I got to visit with some very “Salty” folks, on a really nice 93’ Superyacht. Before you start thinking that they might be a little “uppity” for this “Exalted Fly Shop Bum”, let me tell you a story. They invited me to a “Dockside Oyster Roast”. These folks had 2 very large Coolers full of Oysters, another couple Coolers with cold Adult beverages, Grilled Brats and Italian Sausages, Buns and several different sides. The Oh-Fish-al “Roaster” is a retired US Army Ranger, with a story for every occasion. The Captain of the Yacht and several others Love to Fly Fish, so there are a multitude of stories, then all those “Salty’s” wives/girlfriends, they got right in the middle of things and just shook their heads when the stories got a little bigger than they should, and they actually tried to keep a straight face. Nobody ever got even a little obnoxious and everyone welcomed anyone that came walking down the Dock …. Lots and lots of “Here y’all, eat this” …..This is one memory that I will always cherish …. Some really Great folks!

One of the most memorable stories is about their Stone Crabs. Down here on the coast Stone Crab Claws are a delicacy, people run Crab traps as long as they legally can to get as many as the Law allows. Some folks have a slightly different method that reminds me of our area.

Stone Crab Noodling”: You wait for the lowest Tide of the season, get you some knee/elbow pads at the Home Depot. Get out to the Oyster Bars, start looking for crab holes, crawl up to the biggest holes and reach down into each hole and find the Stone Crabs. When the Crabs are in the hole their claws are folded, so, you get a finger into the corner made by the joint,and pull em out. Sounds easy, but imagine the muck your crawling around in not to mention the oysters your laying on, and that is if the holes is above the Low Tide water line. You are reaching into a hole as far as your shoulder will allow trying to get something you can't see, but there you are. Now, once you get them out of the hole (against their will I might add) they can swing that free Claw around and pinch the ever loving s#*t out of you,so you gotta be quick to catch that claw. Then you decide which Claw is the biggest and break it off at the joint. Now you can put the Crab back in the hole, they’ll grow back the Claw you removed and you can “git em” again ... kinda like "Catch and Release" but you get to eat some too! Needless to say there are many cold Adult beverages involved in all this action, so at the end of the day, or before the Tide comes back in, you head back to the Dock and “Steam” your catch and just plain enjoy the treasure of Fresh Stone Crab Claws. You may try to be nice but these things are too good to share with just anybody …. Jus sayin ….

By the time the teller got thru with his story, there was a line of folks wanting to go the next time he went. He did tell a couple folks that he would take them, but didn’t sound too specific about where they would be going.

When I left the dock that evening it dawned on me that Good Ole Rednecks are just Good OleRednecks, no matter where you are …. So if someone asks you anything about Stone Crab Noodling, tell em, we may not have Stone Crabs but we got just the Boys to “git in there a get er dun”! Ain’t it Great to be a Good Ole Redneck!

That ain't no Drift Boat

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October 21 Weekend woohoo!

Well, we have seen some Minimum Flow on the White River and reliable Minimum Flows on the Norfork.

The Bull Shoals Dam current forecast for Bull Shoals is 1-2 generators all day Friday (October 20th), but SWPA will not release the weekend forecast until Friday after 4:00pm, maybe, just maybe there will be changes to what has been the “Norm”. Guides are still working the “Low Water”and are still catching Fish …. Hoppers, Midges are still producing, but you may need to down size to get a bite on Streamers (think Wooly Buggers size).

The Norfork Dam forecast is remaining similar to what has been running. Minimum Flow till 3:00pm, with a few hours of 1 generator in theafternoon. I would expect this to continue for the short term anyway. Wading has been good and the Guides are still working the River, making memories for their Clients, and putting Folks on the Fish “Hot Spots”. Again SWPA will release their weekend forecast on Friday after 4:00pm …. But I would not expect any changes.

This week I’d like to kick off a “Guide Bio” segment, we have 8-9 guides so I don’t expect you to know much about all of them. I’ll just do this in alphabetical order …. Easier for me to remember who I got last

Barry Annalora is originally from Upstate New York (we try not to hold that against him) and grew up fishing Lake Ontario and many of its “Feeder Rivers, and Creeks”. His working career brought him to North Arkansas, and it stuck …. Don’t think he’ll make his home anywhere else now.

Barry does volunteer work with Christian Outdoor Alliance, working with youngsters to help them with Hunting Fishing and just plain Outdoor skills while mixing in Christian Leadership and beliefs. This is a quality group of people, mostly volunteers and I’d bet Barry is proud to be part of their group.  

While he is one “Very Fishy Guy” he usually is somewhat subdued, but that Upstate New Yorker does come out sometimes (he’ll have to fight that all his life, heeheehee). He has caught and released numerous over 25” Fish here in the area, and many, many of his clients have let me know he helped them work ‘em over.

If you would like to have one of those memorial days, call the shop or setup a trip online …. I’m sure Barry will be happy to find an open seat in the boat for you.

Some other things going on this weekend are:

The 22nd Annual Hillbilly Chili Cook-off andFestival is at Bull Shoals White River State Park on Saturday October 21st.There will be a Car Show, Arts and Crafts, Chili Tasting, Live music and The Cutest Chili-Dog Contest oughta be a Big Time!

Rapp’s Barren Brewing will have Live Music by Me and Him (aka Opal Agafia and Michael Schembre) from Eureka Springs. Food will be available from Warrior Station (Nathan can put out some Grub, past experience tells me this) … you really should try Rapp’s Hoppucino …. Jus sayin

War Eagle Fall Craft Fair ….. we all know this is HUGE! It’lltake at least a day just to tour, much less really check out all the vendors!

It’s a great time to be in the Ozarks and take a day Fishing, or taking a Drive up Push Mountain Road, if you do take a drive stop in Gravity BrewWorks and have a cold one …. Tell ‘em I sent you maybe they’ll laugh while pouring you a Cold Brew!

Browns eat Midges too .... photo courtesy Rising River Guides


Rivers are at Minimum Flow .... Both of them!

We all remember the end of April 2017.

From April 21st to May 1st, Norfork Lake went from 551.99 to 578.92 elevation ( yes that is a 27 Foot jump in 9 days.The Corp had to open the floodgates and do whatever they could to protect the Dam. All of this led to several things happening to the river, the river bottom,the fish in the river and the normal boating lanes. We have had several days of wading water on the Norfork Tailwater now so people are starting to figure out what really did happen, talk to any Guide and they will let you know what holes they are trying to stay away or stay in all the way up and down the River.

From April 20th to May 15th, Bull Shoals went from 656.13 to 692.84 elevation ( that is a 36 Foot jump in 3-4 weeks. Again the Corp had to open the floodgates and do anything they could to protect the Dam.So there are several similar areas on the White that folks are figuring out, even after having some lower flows for a week. Tomorrow October 18th Bull Shoals is forecast to have minimum flow from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, so maybe we can see what really happened to several of the normal holes and shoals.

I told you guys all that to say this “There are some fish in the River that shouldn’t be there!”. If you happen to be fishing close to either of the Dams and catch a Hybrid, Striper, White Bass, or Walleye …. My opinion…. You should “Filet and Hot Grease” …. Or contact me and I’ll send you a really good “Smoked Fish Spread Recipe” …. It won’t be Cap’n Larry Super-Secret Fish Spread Recipe but it’ll be close.

The guys from UARKFF have really done their part in cleaning some of the Norfork, and they have been really good about allowing me to use that “White Meat” ….. actually my Sweetie is the real cook! …. But I get to help in the eating!!! Take a look at their latest photos

Any Bo-Bo's, Cutties, or Browns these guys catch get "Gently Released" back to the River, just to let em grow and hope to catch em when they get bigger!!!

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New Items - Nate Kaenes

We have been updating our website …. Just trying to get the Items in stock listed and add New Items …. One of the New Items we have are Nate Karnes Stickers.  Come in or go to ourwebsite ( to check out what we have in stock … we’ll try to keep it updated, but that means more work for someone (aka “Exalted Fly Shop Bum”) so be patient, Please!

From Nate’s website:

“I'd rather be fishing. A phrase on seemingly infinite numbers of signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts and refrigerator magnets. Each time I read that phrase I get a glazed-over look on my face as I think of places I'd like to cast a fly rather than doing whatever it is I'm doing at the moment.Places like the Smoky Mountains where I grew up, or somewhere in the Rocky Mountain range of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana, or even places near where I live today in Southwest Missouri - like the amazing rivers in Arkansas or even the pond out back. The glazed-over look may only happen for a split second, but when I snap out of it I always say the same thing as I nod my head - "Yup."

What I've found is that I'm not alone. The things I create are for people like us. I create fine art pieces you would be proud to display in your home or office,apparel you love to wear because it fits your style better than anything else you've found, and decals that are fun and look great on your truck, boat orcooler.”

You can also check out Nate’s stuff at ….

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Taylor is back and the Hoppers are still working

If you have been reading our twice weekly blog/posts, and even if you haven’t (but you really should) you probably know that the Norfork is at Minimum Flow, and Stained. The White is continuing to generate 1-2 gens almost full time. Tomorrow (Friday 13th) is going to be the same except Norfork is forecast to start generating at 1-2 pm not the 3 pm that they have been doing. Get out early “Ketch em up!” and go have a late lunch. Jus sayin … 

Lots of reports coming in from multiple folks of really good days on Da’ Fork, some not so good …. We are suggesting flies …. Some are buying and giving us great reports, a few are sayin “that didn’t work for me yesterday” …. Who knows why? .... I went out back to talk with Harley about it .... he sez "They ain't holding their mouth right" ... Words of Wisdom ... Yep, Harley is a chicken but he is a smart Chicken .. I'd just bet that we are the only Fly Shop with a Chicken Mascot ... what do you think?

Last Saturday when they were still running water I got to sneak up the Da Fork with my Friend, Jackson. We were throwing some streamers and shootin the breeze when one of dem Stripers decided they wanted to play. Jackson really does have them dialed in and is happy to people like me put em in the boat! We quit when we had three in the cooler and took them out of the river, those won’t be eating anymore Trout Dinners …. You can bank on it!!!

The White Hopper bite is still doing well from boats, along with the expected Midges. Streamer fishing seems to be slowing but it’ll get better as the cooler weather gets started. As a matter of fact take a look at the photos, Matt Millner (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Rising River Guides) said the photo is one of the better Hopper eaters this week. Taylor Wooten (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Flippin Fly Guides) had Taylor in the boat … man, THE GIRL CAN FISH! Remember back a few months (june 27th 2017) when she stuck a really nice 20” Bonneville, well she is back on em check em out Browns, Rainbows …. Who knows what else …. I’ll say it again …. THE GIRL CAN FISH …. Just so you know her boyfriend probably stays pretty close!

If you think you would like to have one of these days …. Call the shop …. Reserve a guided trip! Barry, Brad, Dominic, Larry, Nathanael, or Taylor will be happy to put you on the right spot to get some Fish and do it safely. They work the river almost everyday and know what and where!!!

What’s going this weekend …. Again this weekend Rapp's Barren Brewing Company will have live music and BBQ Food Truck …. Wonder which Brew pairs well with Ribs …. Stop by and figure it out for me … maybe I’ll just find out myself.

If you happen to be out in Northwest GA Coosa Valley Chapter 519 of Trout Unlimited has a Chili Cook Off going on .... gonna be a HOT time ... plus they are raising funds for their TU Chapter .... everybody wins!Image title

Image titleImage title

Image titleImage title


USFWS took me Fishing!

Remember back a couple weeks (September 14th Blog/Post), I told you folks that I had the Good Fortune to be in the boat with a Sweet Lady, and Bill. Well some photos have been placed on the site ….Yeah …. That’s right …. I went fishing for the United States Federal Guberment. When you the Guberment asks, you don’t take a knee, you stand up and Go Fishing! Huge Thanks to Brett Billings of NCTC Creative Imagery, USFWS and Bill Thorne of Trout Unlimited of Arkansas for asking Girlfriend and I to go. Yup, I’m a very Lucky Boy, and Truly Blessed to be associated with some Great People.

Duane Bell of Trout Unlimited Chapter #698, and Matt Millner (Two Rivers Guide, Rising River Guides) also were involved with Duane doing most of the work (aka: Photo Boat) the first day, while Bill rowed us down the river, then Bill (running thePhoto Boat) on the Second Day. Matt supplied some great photo opportunities the second day.

It really was a beautiful couple days, with some peeks ofFall color coming out, even a few fish decided to get in on the action. Brett takes some really great photos ….. just take a look. We really do have some great secenry here in the Ozarks!

For a chance to view all the Photos see:!%22Fishing%20for%20trout%20on%20White%20River%22/field/creato!all/mode/all!all/conn/and!and/display/200/order/nosort/ad/asc


Remember that these photos belong to all of us. If you take the time they have volumes of information on their website, and it’s all free! OurTax Dollars are doing something that we can all enjoy!

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Late Summer Hopper Bite is on Still

As we all have reported for weeks and months …. The Hopper Bite has been great, streamer bite is still Good ….. just ask Barry Annalora (Two rivers Guide), Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters), Matt Millner (New Guy, Two Rivers Guide, Rising River Guides), Dominic Zametto (Two River Guide, Shop Owner Operator), Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing), Taylor Wooten (another New Guy, Two Rivers Guide, Flippin Fly Fishing) …. Man that’s alot of folks to talk to, much less have to type all of em …. I gotta find a way to shorten their names …, Anyway the Fish are cooperating ….. “The Entire Group” (I like that, don’t you) and their Clients are pulling em in …. But for some unknown reason their clients aren’t sharing the photos …. Bet they got trips already booked and just don’t want me on their holes …. Course I’m like that …yup I’ll fish your secret hole …. But I’ll keep it to myself, I promise …. No Iwon’t … I’ll tell everybody on the interweb! Maybe that’s why they aren’t talking to me, much …..

Anyway see a couple photos I bribed from Matt, and yep, they ate the Hopper, even with the lower flows …. It’s that time of year, we should get in on it!

BTW, Y’all may have noticed that the flows are coming down ….Bull Shoals actually had MINIMUM Flow for a short time this week, Norfork has shut off the generators late at night, again earlier this week and I would bet there will be more. Beaver Lake still has some water but it’s coming down fast. All the other lakes are at or below Power Pool …. Wadable water is coming. The problem is  that the USACE website is giving or not giving the most reliable information …. So it’s a “Look and See” thing for now …. Maybe they’ll get it fixed, maybe they won’t. The latest “Forecastis showing Lower Flows again for Friday … can’t wait for the Weekedn Forecast ….Check it out at  .... “The Entire Group”I mentioned above is on the water everyday and they tell us at the shop what is going on …. But I am planning my Wading Days …. They are going to be SOON!

 Another BTW: The IFFF (formerly Conclave) is next week end, come on up to see some of the best Fly Tyers from all over. All these people really do enjoy talking about their Craft, and explaining the why’s and how’s …. Easy to get tips, pointers and maybe a few free Flies ….

While you’re in the area you gotta try out BrewWorks and Rapps Barren Brews …. There are great brews at both places … Let me put it another way, Have a few Brews, go Fishing and then go have a few more Brews ….Oh Yeah Image titleImage title… this could be a Trend …. And I’m IN! It’s all Good!


Lakes are at Power Pool once again .....

Matt and his niece came over last weekend, for their Dry Run Creek fix. They have been coming over from Oklahoma for a while now, and we have had the pleasure of showing their pictures before. Once again they did really well on the patterns he had ordered from us 2 months ago. Guess he really did know exactly which Fly and Color he wanted to use, sometimes it’s just that way!  Check out the smile on this Beautiful Young Lady!

When you bring Family, Friends and especially Youngsters, you really do owe it to yourself to go up to Dry Run Creek, if only to view some of the “Hawgs” in a really special small Creek. These fish are “fat and happy”, willing to take a Fly, have their picture taken and get back in their water.

On the Rivers, the Hopper Bite is still Smoking, the Streamer Bite is Good, and as always, midges catch fish all over our waters. Brett and Jackson are still finding some really nice Fat Fish …. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time ….. of course …. Time on the Water is an Investment!

Lake updates:

1.      Beaver Lake is 1 foot above Power Pool, so they are releasing water thru their generators 24 hours a day.

2.      Table Rock Lake is actually below Power Pool and still sending some water on thru to Bull Shoals.

3.      Bull Shoals is going to be at or below Power Pool as you are reading this, but October 1st the Power Pool number will drop another 2 feet. That new number won’t be hard to achieve, as all thelakes are close.

4.      Norfork Lake will probably be at Power Pool late today (9-26-17) but it might be late this evening.

Check the Lake Levels, and River Flows at River Flows

What does this mean to us? Well … hopefully … maybe …. Perhaps…. We’ll actually get some WADABLE Water real soon. If the dry spell we are currently having continues (no rain in the forecast), there will be lots of opportunities to go check out what all the High Water did to your favorite wading spot. Figure on some changes and the good holes may have moved, but I’m betting the Fish will cooperate. Also figure on there being quite a few folks out to check out their favorite spots. Hope you folks did your homework on your Rods, Reels, Waders, Boots and all your gidgets and gadgets! If you find something isn’t quite the way you want it …. Well …. “Come on by the Shop, We’ll try really hard to make yours a Great Day on the Water”!

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Image titleImage title


I don't work on Fridays, but I don't get much done around the House either

You know, I don’t mind having Friday’s off work, especially when I get all the photos together for the Friday morning post (usually Thursday night), the problem is that when I see all the photos, which sometimes include stories …. Well I shore don’t want to mow my grass on Friday afternoon …. I mean take a look at all these photos

Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Fly Shop), Brad Smith (Two Rivers Fly Shop, AR HeadHunters), Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Ferguson Fly Fishing), Dominic Zametto (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Owner/Operator) are all reporting that the Hopper bite is still on Fire, so guess what I’ll be doing, and what you should be doing on our days off….. just sayin …. They are also reporting that the Streamer bite has not cooled off either (even the Brookies are eating Streamers) …. So pick your “Weapons of Deception” and git out there! If you don’t have a Boat or a Buddy with a Boat (which is better than having one yourself), call the shop, pick an open date and we’ll get you in the Boat with some of the most productive Guides on these Rivers (hiring a Guide is cheaper than buying a boat!). One thing you can bet on, these guys will work their tails off to get you on Really Good Fish, and do it safely. They are out there every day even when they aren’t working, to make sure they know where and when they need to be to get those “Gooduns”. All our Local Guides work wherever they need to …. And their all Very Fishy!

Some Folks from Coosa Valley Chapter 519 of Trout Unlimited, came up this week, we really hope they had a good time. That just tells me something, they came from some Beautiful country with great Rivers, drove several hours to get here and are fishing in our home waters. We really do live in a very Special Place!!!! A Big Thanks to them for coming up!!!

If you have a “significant other”, get them to come on over and take a ride thru the Ozarks, leaves are changing colors, the Scenery is popping all up and down Push Mountain Road, plus you can pick up some lunch, then stop by Gravity BrewWorks (in Big Flat), and/or Rapp’s Barren Brewing (in Mountain Home), or even have a Picnic on the Buffalo River. Maybe take the Youngsters to Dry Run Creek …. Gotta please as many of our family as we can.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, “Git Outside”, it is still warm but the change is coming, “Enjoy the Journey” we all call our daily lives.

And if you get a chance come by the shop, you know “We’ll try really hard to make yours, A Great Day on the Water”

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Trey's last day on Dry Run, Olivia and Colton will take up the slack, and the UARKFF guys are back ....

Big goings on around here ….. have you noticed the lake levels? If not, you need to check them out …. Bull Shoals and Norfork are only 2, yep, 2 feet above power pool ….
Forecast right now is for Bull Shoals to be there on Sept 24th …. That’s this next Sunday (just so you don’t have to find a calendar).
Norfork is forecast to be at power pool on the 26th, next Tuesday ….. really it’s in sight!
With no real rain chance forecast for the next 10 days …. I’d almost bet we will be seeing significant lower flows next week! Woohoo!
Enough with the bubbly, let’s get to the meat!

Trey couldn’t stand not having one more day on Dry Run Creek before his 16th Birthday, so he comes over hits the Creek and scores a Slam …… Browns, Rainbows, Brookies … what a Happy Birthday he had last weekend, heard the Fish of Dry Run had a party on Sunday too! His Dad sent us a photo, and listening to him, he was as excited as Trey! That family has a Memory that will live on forever …..

Taylor Wooten (Flippin Fly Guides) came by the shop to show off a couple photos of Olivia, and Colton and their big day on the Creek. Obliviously there was some Big Fun going on …. Take a look at all these smiles! Really great tyo see all these Younger Folks getting in on our “addiction” ….. oh to be 14 again …. If just for a couple days ….. anybody got a youngster I could rent?

Then I find out the UARK Fly Fishers made a trip over again last weekend, from the story I hear …. They are gonna have a “Hybrid Fish Dinner” for more than a few friends …. Bet that will be a blast ….They do want everyone to know that they will be holding a “Casting Clinic” on the Lawn at Ole Main on Oct 6th …. So if you’re in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area drop by between 3 and 6pm …. Check em out!

On a serious note, if you get a chance to help someone affected by the 2 massive Hurricanes that have hit the U.S. in the past weeks, and now in Mexico, just do what you can ….. good folks will always survive, but it helps when we show we care!
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it's Friday .... Woohoo!

Here we are …. It’s Friday …. Woohoo! Grab a couple rods, stop by and pick up a couple-three flies and let’s go Fishin!

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters), Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) and many, many others keep going on and on and on about the Hopper Bite …. It’s that time, Foam Dry Flies and epic Brown Trout hits are almost the norm right now. I mean really, we need to get in on this stuff. Brad had folks on the water for a couple days, and Nate took his Sweet Girlfriend out on the water (girls really do want to hear those three little words … “Let’s Go Fishing”). You can tell by the photos that a Good Time was had by all!

Had a little Bird tell me that Trey (see the previous posting) is coming back for one more day on Dry Run Creek (he turns sixteen on Sunday) so I might go up to the Creek Saturday just to watch all the action …Expect more photos or a really big sad story about His last Day, before he has to move over to the Big River.

Now for my special news …. For all that know him, Bill Thorne is a very special person, Sara (his girlfriend) and he are heavily involved in Trout Unlimited, the accolades for each would take hours for me to type much less get them right. So when he asked my Girlfriend and me to go fishing last Sunday afternoon, I knew something special was about to happen. Well he didn’t disappoint even if the fish weren’t great. He had a videographer (Brett Billings) from the “United States Fish and Wildlife Service”, yup the "Federal Gubernment” was taking pictures of us Fishing ….. my tax dollars finally paid off! We caught a few fish, had a great time talking with Bill, spent our time just being normal everyday fishing folks while in the “Spotlight”. I must admit that another Trout Unlimited “Oh-fish-al” (Duane Bell) was running the photo boat. On Monday Brett took video and photos of Duane and his Buddies, also got some great footage of Matt Millner (Rising River Guides) and some of his group. Brett is also doing some videoing of the “National Fish Hatchery” here at Norfork. Not sure when the videos and photos will get posted but you should check out some of the stuff these folks do. Take a look at ….There is a lot of stuff so take a couple looks …. You can bet I’ll be letting you know when they put us on their site … yup, you can bank on it!

I almost forgot …. Rapp's Barren Brewing is expecting to have their Grand Opening here in Mountain Home on Friday, Sept 15th …. Yep, that’s today ….. admit it, You like Beer, I like Beer, we all like Beer, Beer is our Friend  …. Go by sometime and show them a little Love, even if your hands smell a little Fishy ….Mountain Home has their very own Micro-Brewery! …. I really like the sound of that …… really, Check em out!

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Dry Run ... Hopper Bite ... AGFC

Boy do we have some things to talk about this week.

Not only is Trey turning 16 next Sunday (Happy Birthday by the way), he tore em up on Dry Run Creek last weekend ….. Got that one last “Great Day on the Creek” in before it was too late, and he made it count! His Dad was kind enough to send us a couple photos of the nicer Fish …. Don’t know about y’all but, they look like “No Guts, No Glory” photos …. But that’s just me. We are gonna have to watch out for this young man out there on the Big River …. Could just follow him around and pick up the scraps, probably make for a Good Day!

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and many others are exclaiming the Hopper Bite is “On Fire”. I guess so from all the photos I keep seeing, Y’all better get in on this, while the getting is good! Water is still high and up in the grass many, many places, but you almost have to have a boat …. Book a Guide and they will make sure you hit the right spots!!!

Speaking of High Water …. Please be careful out there ….Monday I saw a Kayak going by the house upside down with two people hanging onto it. Needless to say, I hooked up the boat and took off for the ramp. By the time I got there Jason Loyd (White River Fly Fishing Service) had picked them and their Kayak out of the river and was doing his best to “Net” all their stuff. When he pulled up to the ramp they were wet, cold, and glad to see their Kayak on solid ground. Again one of the Local Guides helps out even if their Clients have to wait a few minutes for that next Fish. We are truly Lucky to have so many Great People working these Rivers …. Thanks to all of em!

Arkansas Game and Fish has sent out an email with the 12 proposals they are planning to submit to the Commission that writes the rules we play by. I’ll just list them here but you guys do have an opportunity to voice your opinions. Send opinions to:

Christy Graham

Trout Management Program | Supervisor



Proposal 1, Bull Shoals White River, Keep the daily limit of 5 trout, but only allow anglers to harvest one Rainbow Trout over 14 inches.

Proposal 2,Bull Shoals, White River, Cutthroat Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, increase the MML (Minimum Length Limit) to 24 inches.

Proposal 3,Bull Shoals, White River, Brook Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, keepthe MML at 14 inches.

Proposal 4, Bulls Shoals, White River, Daily Limit stay at 5 fish, but only one fish over 14 inches. Still have the MLL for all the different species.

Proposal 5, Bull Shoals, White River Seasonal Brown Trout Catch and Release area, NO Change!

Proposal 6, White River, Monkey Island Catch and Release area to be removed.

Proposal 7, White River, Extend Rim Shoals Catch and Release an additional 2 miles below existing line.

Proposal 8, Norfork River, Keep the daily limit of 5 trout, but only allow anglers to harvest one Rainbow Trout over 14 inches.

Proposal 9, Norfork River, Cutthroat Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, increase the MML (Minimum Length Limit) to 24 inches.

Proposal 10, Norfork River, Brook Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, keep the MML at 14 inches.

Proposal 11, Norfork River, Daily Limit stay at 5 fish, but only one fish over 14 inches. Still have the MLL for all the different species.

Proposal 12, Both Rivers, Bait Fishing only allowed with a Single Hook Point.

All of these proposals were voted on by the folks that attended the Second Public Input Workshop held in Mountain Home. I must admit that they took the most popular options for their proposals.

Well that’ll do it for now but I am saving something really special for the next update. As always come by the shop, “We’ll try real hard to make yours, a Great Day on the Water!”

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August is over but the Fish are biting!!!

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You may remember I promised to get back to fishing ….. well here ya go …. Clint Wilkinson (Two Rivers Guide) decided to go ahead and show off some really good Browns, his clients are definitely happy. Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) also had some Happy people in the boat, plus took some time to fish with Brad Smith  (Two Rivers Guide, ARHeadhunters) and we all know what happens when Guides have a day off, fish after fish, using different Flies and different methods to git em.

Brad and Nathan have both said that the Hopper bite has heated up, the Midge/Worm bite is still strong and the Streamer bite is continuing to produce nice fish ….. pick your method and all these guys can put you on fish …….

AGFC had their second meeting on Thursday evening, probably had 75 people attend and lots of information was discussed.

Lots of work is going on at the Hatcheries (State andFederal), and their probably going to stock a lesser number of fish, but are planning on increasing the average size from 11” to 12”. This should increase the size and life expectancy of the stocker fish.

Couple things about the Catch and Release areas on the  White, they are proposing to remove the Monkey Island C&R, but add to the Rim Shoals C&R. One option is to add approx. 1 mile to the upper end, other option to add 2 miles to the lower end. Either options extend the Rim Shoals Catch and Release area …. Possibly adding to the quality of fish, which is always good!

Seemed to be several different options to the Catch and Keep Limits. No change in the Length limits, or the number of Brook, Brown,Cutthroat that can be kept. But possibly One fish to be minimum 14 inches with a stringer of five fish, or One fish to be minimum 16 inches with a stringer of fish. What this means to me is “I can keep 4 stocker Rainbow, but that 5th one has to be whatever number gets chosen.” Might mean that some Rainbows get a little more time to grow.

We’ll all have to wait and see what finally gets approved thru the Commission but it was good to hear what the various people had to say many of whom earn their living on our rivers.

Lastly, Big Weekend up here in North Arkansas for those thatmay not want to Fish 24/7 …..

32ndNational Championship Chuckwagon Race will be Thursday 8/31 thru Sunday 9/3 This event includes the Chuckwagon Races, the Snowy River Race, Dances on Friday and Saturday nights, Western Trade Show (vendors) and Trail Rides see more details

White River Daysat Bull Shoals (Gaston Visitor Center) Presentations on the History of the White River, and a couple Float Trips. Contact the park for more details via email at

Grandpa and RamonaJones Banjo Weekend and State Championship at Mountain View. Workshops start on Thursday with the Championship on Saturday 9/2. Admission is FREE and the Players are competing for Cash prizes and State recognition. See for more details.

The one and only GreatSouthern Stone Skipping Championships at Fairfield Bay on 9/2 for Adults and Children. Money raised is to support Arkansas Food Bank and its member pantries. Check them out on Facebook “Great Southern Stone SkippingChampionships” …. Folks they are going to give away $250.00 for 1st place in the Adult Division …… I mean $250.00 …. 


Harvey Help ....

After the previous week’s events down in Coastal Texas and Louisiana, I’m gonna veer from Fishing stories a little. As the flooding continues, we are all thinking “What can I do to help?” Lots of Corporations, Companies and Private Citizen Groups are jumping in to Help as best they can. Just take a look on the web, the lists are growing every day. Estrada Art , Fishpond, Flood Tide, Howler Brothers, Hells Bay Boats, Sabine Skiffs, Sightline Provisions, Stlhd Gear, Yeti and many others from our Sport’s Industry …. Budweiser, Walmart and many, many other corporations are doing what they can. We know when the “Cajun Navy” shows up, well these folks will get in there, and do more than most folks.

But then it comes down to “What can I do?”, personally the First group that is always in the middle of every disaster, and stays long after the News Crews leave is the American Red Cross …. Yep …. They’ll be helping folks for a long time, and don’t ask for anything in return. So if you have a couple bucks left over at the end of the day look em’ up (…. You gift small or large is Tax Deductible and will help those that need some help. I know that giving money is tough sometimes, but you could go down and “Give a Pint of Blood” , we all have it and we all make new ….. Please just think about it ….. There are thousands of “Just Plain Folks” helping that will never be mentioned on some Newscast, and don’t want that sort of recognition ….. You, me, and “That Guy!” can make the biggest difference.

That’s it for today, there are lots of other things that just didn’t seem to be really important today ….. I promise I’ll get back to Fishing later this week!!!


Cool weather for the End of August

Here we are at the end of August and the temperatures are feeling like October, enjoy it while it lasts. Everyone knows the weather is going to change for better or worse, “Change is the only Constant!”

With the lakes still well above Power Pool (Bull Shoals is 16ft above, Norfork is 9ft), the rivers are still somewhat high, but are fishing very well. Some people are getting into the “Chuck and Duck” Streamer game. While it can be a very productive method. It takes a different skill level and a little more patience. You may catch more aggressive fish but numbers will definitely be lower. Generally most people are staying with the tried and true methods, the ones that produce lots of takes and some real quality fish.

Guides can and will fish the best way for their clients to put fish in the boat, while teaching new methods or tweaking your presentation,that’s just what they do …. Nothing like having a professional help us out with the little things … I can use all the help I can get ….

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and NathanaelFerguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) had the same groups on different days earlier and coached a young man into several nice fish …..

Brad also had a pretty good day/days with a couple guys that must have really enjoyed themselves!

Arkansas Game and Fish had their second public meeting last night, so there is a lot more discussion to come later on that.

Just so you know I’ll be remote for a couple weeks, so,Please send your Stories and pictures to and I’ll pass them on to everyone else. My stories may get a little “Salty” if you guys don’t keep me in the loop ….

This weekend at the Baxter County fairgrounds “Ozark EarthScience Club” will have their Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show ( will definitely be some things to see, do, and discuss at this show …. Try your luck at the “Spin and Win”!

As always, Come by the shop we’ll try real hard to make yoursa “Great Day on the Water!”

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End of Summer for UARK Fly Fishers

School has started for most folks, this Monday was first day back at it for those UARK Fly Fishers ….. they tried to end their break with a BANG last week …. Brett and Jackson spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday chasing Stripers, Hybrids, White Bass, Rainbows and Brown Trout (aka Arkansas Butter).….I even got in on the Festivities ….. Thanks Guys! …. They have the fish dialed in on Da’ Fork …. Even our Guides are impressed ….

I did talk to several people that are taking their really young ones up to Dry Run Creek for the first time. Guessing they figured that the crowds would be smaller after local schools started. Several stated that they did well, but didn’t get any photos ….. My Advice ….. If your youngster catches a decent fish, it’s Huge to them …. Take lots of pictures, print some of them and then frame them …. Just to show them off years from now ….. we all have those memories, but pictures make the stories even more fun to tell! Moms and Dads usually tell the stories better because the Fish get bigger every time they tell it …. “Fishing People are Born Honest, but they get over it quicker than others!”

The SWPA forecast ( has been and seems to be stuck on 1 ½ generators on the Norfork River (now 10ft above power pool) with 5-6 generators on the White River (now 17 ft above power pool). The Norfork flows are being reported very well, but the White … it’s broke …. Again ….. cutting edge technology? …. (

The Creeks have gotten a little more water over the last week and probably are the best bet for wading … just watch out for the Aluminum Hatch …. Last ditch at a Summer Float can get a little out of control …. We all remember those trips … but we don’t talk about that publicly …. Do we?

As always, Come on by the Shop, We’ll try really hard to make yours “A great Day on the Water”

Brett with a Really Nice StriperJackson with a PIG HybridYours Truly with a decent Hybrid

Brett with some Arkansas ButterBrett and a really Good Rainbow


Don't take a week off .... jus sayin

Good Rainbow, Photo courtesy of RobYoung man is a Rainbow Getting machine! Photo courtesy of Rob

Sam with a Nice Brown, Photo Courtesy of AdrianLuke did really well on Dry Run Creek, Photo courtesy of AdrianAdrian just couldn't take it so ....

Brett with a Good Striper, photo courtesy UARKFFJackson got a Brown to Play .. Photo courtesy UARKFFBrowns wanna have fun in the Rain too, Brett got this one , Photo courtesy UARKFF

Ketchin em in the Sunshine, Brett with another nice Brown, photo courtesy of UARKFFBrett and a Fat Rainbow, photo courtesy UARKFF

Yeah, I took off a week .... the pictures kept coming in .... 

Dominic (Two Rivers Guide and Owner/Operator) had a young man and Rob (Dad) in his boat and the young man excelled at putting fish in the boat, what a way to finish his "Summer Vacation" .... bet all the youngsters at school know all about it .... I would be telling the stories over and over until the next time I went ....

A couple other youngsters went to Dry Run Creek and did quite well .... just look at those Grins .... Sam (8 yrs old) went in July, and Luke (11 yrs old) went in August .... Adrian (otherwise known as Dad) got some action on the Big River .... Big Memories for their whole family

School has started across most of the area, which should slow the traffic down a little .... but with the results that we've been showing .... Dads maybe sneaking a "Playing Hooky" day in, with their Youngsters .... 

The Guys from UARKFF are still hitting Da' Fork pretty hard .... in the rain or in the sunshine .... I might be able to get them to let me in on the action sometime this week ... a guy can hope can't he?

BIG NEWS: SWPA has been forecasting NO Generation for the today and tomorrow (August 14th, 15th), maybe the rains to the east are going to cause us to get in a pattern of wadable water early morning for a little while. Check their forecast at 4:00-4:300 pm for the next day, Friday afternoon they release the weekend schedule. SWPA Forecast, look for number 14, NFD

As always "Come by the Shop, we'll try real hard to make yours a Great Day on the Water!"


Hillbilly Bassaplooza Cultural Exchange .... Report

Did you guys miss me last week? Probably not at all .... it's Okay .... I'm used to it .... 

You may know I went on a Fishing trip to Northern Wisconsin, Chippewa River, Lake Superior, Ashland, and Hayward WI. Two days of driving up and back, with 3 days of steady fishing ..... weather wasn't always the best and we got very tired everyday but I would do it all again at the drop of my hat!

Bill Thorne (Arkansas Trout Unlimited Chair, and NLC) and I (Two River Shop Bum) were invited to the Wild Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited ( for their Chapter Bass Fishing Outing. Affectionately called the "Hillbilly Basssaplooza Cultural Exchange" for this year (I think someone up there knows me). Bill did a presentation about the success of the AR' White River Chapter#698, Trout Unlimited ( planting of Bonneville Trout into the Norfork and White Rivers. He really did do a Great Job of representing Trout Unlimited, Arkansas and our North Arkansas fishery.

Now the best part .... The people .... Kelly, Jason, Al, Bill, Bob, Carolyn, Scott and many other TU members took time out of their lives and their families time to show us a GREAT time. All we had to do is get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and "Let's hit the Water". As with every extended outdoor activity the weather played havoc with us, but it didn't slow these folks down at all! I really want to Thank all of them for a wonderful time. If you are ever near Ashland, WI look for "Angler's All" (, if you are closer to Hayward, WI by all means cut out a day or two to spend with West Fork Jason Guide Service (, and be prepared to fish hard! Really any of the people of the Wild Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be able and ready to point you into the right direction.
I believe that Al, and both the Bill's broke the 25 each mark on Smallmouths, I caught my 1st,2nd, and 3rd Pike and multiple Smallies ... Bill and I did miss a shot at a large Muskie, I swear that fish was 5 yards long, and I only saw it's belly! Everyone caught fish except Kelly and Jason who spent their days on the oars, working hard to get us a shot at em' ... in sunshine or rain as a matter of fact. Huge Thanks to these guys! Can't wait until the next time and there will be a next time .... already thinking about the "Sconnie Invasion and Cultural Exchange" to happen in Janurary 

A few photos and that will complete my trip discussion ..... there are many stories to tell, but "What happens on the River stays on the River!"

Barker Lake, Winter WI at SunriseChippewa River Bank, farm fields everywhere

Lots o Bass like the Murdich MinnowEven small Bass like the Murdich MinnowMiss Carolyn in the front, Kelly on the OarsMiss Carolyn and the Bass wore out the Grey Ghost PopperSmiling Pike took the Murdich Minnow

Did I mention .... It Rained!


It's August .. Weather and the Fishing is still Hot

Cody and A Nice Dry Run Creek Bow

Hasppy Clients! Photo courtesy of Nathanael Ferguson

Photo courtesy of Nathanael FergusonPhoto courtesy Nathanael Ferguson

Photo courtesy of Brad SmithPhoto courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo courtesy of Brad Smith

Dry Run Creek continues to show the Youngsters a Great time, you can see a couple happy photos on our homepage, Cody, Grace, and many others have done very well ….. Great to see so many youngsters getting on Fish, and making Big Memories …. Thanks to all for the kind words and the photos

Brad (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and Nathanael (Two RiversGuide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) took a day between clients to get some “research”fishing in, just take a look at the photos ... nice fish!!!. Dominic (Two Rivers Guide and TwoRivers Owner/Operator) had clients in and told me that they caught a lot of fish, just no monsters ….. happy clients none the less! All of these guys are just plain “Fishy” … they will do whatever it takes to get fish in the boat and do it safely, while you relax and catch …. The only work you have to do as a client is hook-em and land-em …… Call and book a Memorable Trip

It was a Big Thursday night in this area. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had a public forum meeting to discuss the White and Norfork Rivers Management Plan, over 100 people showed up, which means there was over 100 different opinions to share. Big Kudos go out to Christy Graham
Trout Biologist Supervisor for all the hard work and information she provides to us about our Fishery. Another big Thanks to all the“o-fish-als” that attended. They really did bring all the Big Guns out for this meeting. At the end of the night I feel that we learned that we have a lot more similarities than differences. Now let’s hope that the AGFC listened and acts …..enough on that …..

Just so you folks know …. I get to go Up Nort next week to attend the“Hillbilly Bassaplooza Cultural Exchange” in Hayward Wisconsin…. Fancy name for a Trout Unlimited meeting/ Fishing Trip. Meeting up with some old friends, and make some new ones while Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, and a variety of other species, eat some great food and visit a new area.  A big Thanks go out to Wisconsin Trout Unlimited for the opportunity!!!  Also want to Thank Miss Kym and Miss Sara foreverything they will have to do while Bill Thorne and myself “Go Fishing”! More on this trip next week …. It’s definitely gonna be Big Fun!!!

Couple more things, Pub Night at the Library is tonight, go by, taste a couple local brews and support the Baxter County Library. The Babe Ruth Baseball (13 year old) World Series starts in Mountain Home, go by watch a game, have a Hot Dog and support some youngsters enjoying the Game.


International Weekend/Week on the River

Image titleJackson with another Norfork Striper

Daniel at it againDaniel and a Crooked Creek Carp .... great fighters!

Image title

Folks, it has been an International weekend/week …. Yup, we had folks come in the shop from Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Zimbabwe (that’s in Africa and their accent is harder to understand than those folks from Texas) .... Some folks came over from Paragould and the boys from Fayetteville were back over …. I’m telling you we get all kinds of different folks in the shop!!! Come on by and see what all the excitement is about. Problem is that most of these people will not share their fish pictures, some will send me photos, most won't (I tell them that I will make them famous, I just don't understand). Tyler got a 25" Brown off a Norfork River Dock, see photo.

I almost have to bribe the Boys form UARK Fly Fishers (with their Sticker Money, Thanks to y’all, I have some for them) to get their photos. Daniel and Jackson came back over and as I have said “These guys are Very Fishy” …. Just take a look at the photos. They fished Norfork and White Rivers, along with lower Crooked Creek …. While I was working, I might add …. I gotta get back in the Boat with these guys ….

Dry Run Creek is the big draw again and again, summer is almost over. All the youngsters will be going back to school soon. The fish are cooperating with the younger anglers, so load them up and get them outside for a day or two, make some memories that will last a long, long time!

Lots of folks are coming in asking about learning to FlyFish, I keep telling them to give Ron McQuay ( a call and setup a day of lessons …. He really is good with youngsters, and adults.

Just so you know, next week is the 2017 Babe Ruth Baseball (13 year old) World Series in Mountain Home. The festivities start Wednesday Aug 9th and run thru Thursday Aug 17th. It may be a little crowded at the Mountain Home area hotels, but the river resorts will have plenty rooms.

As always Come on by the Shop, we’ll try really hard to help you have a Great Day on the Water!


Yeah I know I'm a little late on this one ... it's okay

Photo courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo courtesy of Brad SmithPhoto courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo courtesy of Nathanael Ferguson ... look at that grin!Photo courtesy of Nathanael Ferguson ... look at that grin!Photo courtesy of Brad Smith

Yep, I’m late …. You may have noticed that I try to get these updates done on Tuesday evening and Thursday evening …. If you didn’tnotice ….. It’s okay, cause I didn’t make it on Thursday evening …. So here goes

Brad (Two Rivers Guide, ARHeadhunters) and Nathan (Two Rivers Guide, FergusonFlyFishing) have been busy this week, take a look a tthe photos …. Dominic (Two Rivers Guide and Owner/Operator) had a Jane and Pat one morning, but didn’t get a photo of Jane’s First Fish on a Fly Rod, gonna have to talk to that boy …. I can’t say much cause he is the “Boss” but you guys … that’s a different story, if you get the Hint

Brad got to play in Dry Run Creek ( a few younger folks and they did really well …. Oh, to be under 16 and know about this place!! Not sure how big these fish are but we all know that these young folks will remember them for a long, long time. One piece of advice, When a youngster catches a good fish (big or small), get a good picture, clip that fly, make a Framed print of the photo, attach the Fly and display it where everyone can see it. While it’s a great conversation piece, it’s also a great way to show your pride in that youngster! They’ll always remember that you thought enough of them and that day to go the extra step to show it off.

Brad also had a couple good days on the “Big River” (see more photos) with another Nice Bonneville coming out to Play, but Nathan had 9 year old Davey and his Dad in the boat …. Davey must have “schooled” Dad, what a proud day for Dad … betting the conversation on the way home was fun to listen to …. Also bet Dad doesn’t care that he didn’t get his picture taken …..jus sayin ....

Summer Break is almost over for the Kids, get em out there one or two more times!

The National White River Canoe Race is going on, our local Baxter County Bulletin paper has a nice article ( about the first day leg ….

Due to the heat in other areas of the region and the race, River water levels are a little high. Lakes are still well above Power Pool. If you’re not going to the Creeks (, best bet is to get a boat or hire a Guide ( are small areas of wading opportunities here and there but they are very limited. See the SWPA Forecast for what they think they are going to release ( and for the River generations ( Look for this generation schedule to stay until Summer ends …. Just the way it is ….

Check out our July 2017 gallery on the website ( all the photos …. You could be next! And Come by the shop, we’ll try reallyhard to make yours a Great Day on the water!


Dog Days and White River Canoe Race

Image title

The Dog Days are here to stay for a while ….. best to do your fishing early or late ….. Guides work thru this heat and will tell you …..HYDRATE and then HYDRATE some more …… Good Advice ….. If we don’t listen to anything else our Guide tells us, listen to this one!

Girlfriend and I (guess she is really my Wife, been legal for 17 years now) …. Anyway, we hit one of the creeks midday last weekend …. Should have hit the water early …. Fishing was great ….. catching was a little slow, all the catches were in the shade except this one Ozark Bass she caught (see photo) ….. caught in the shoal water ….. while not Great Big, he thinks he is the Baddest Boy in the Creek!

This coming weekend is the annual National White River Canoe Race (, sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. Folks this really is a Huge Deal, these young folks (Men and Women, ages 14 to above 21) start at Bull Shoals Dam and paddle hard 8 separate legs, all the way to Batesville in 3 days, that’s right around 120 miles in 3 days! The first leg is 42.6 miles, second leg is 35 miles,and final leg is 40 miles with a portage around a dam. I don’t know about you but when I figure a “Float trip” I plan on 1 mile per hour ….. They’re doing 117miles in 11 to 17 hours ….. check the records (

I have stood out back with coffee cup in hand and watched Canoe after Canoe fly by at speeds that just amaze me. I don’t even get a cup down before they have all past my place.

So if you are on the White up river of Norfork on Thursday, between Norfork and Sylamore on Friday, or between Sylamore and Batesville on Saturday ….. when you see canoes flying up on you …. pull over to the bank and let these folks Fly by …. Be nice if you cheered all of them, I do! Please don’t be that person that messes up a young persons “Personal Best Time” in this race. Some of these folks “Train” all year for this and other races …. Give em a break!

Needless to say with the heat and the race there will be high flows on the White River and probably the Norfork River …. Check the SWPA Forecast. Friday’s forecast comes out at approx. 4:00 pm on Thursday with the Weekend forecast coming out Friday at approx. 4:00 pm ….. I’d just bet on high flows.

You can check the flows of the creeks many places, one being (

Come on by the shop, we’ll try real hard to help you Have a Great Day on the Water!


Summer is here ... but .... the Fish are biting!

Is it hot enough for you folks? The best place to be the last few days has been in or close to the water. The temps on the River are15-20 degrees cooler than what it is 100 feet up the bank ….. Really is nice to walk down by the water and feel the temperature change that much.

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide) had Braxton and proud Grandpa Don in his boat a couple days ago and they did well, couple of “Glamor Shots”, and some Really Great Family Memories, do you think that Braxton will be reminding Grandpa that his fish was bigger? ….. a large part of what the Guides up here do ….. Make Great Family/Friends Memories …. Time goes by so fast ….. Memories last forever!

We have had some other young people in and out of the shop this week, along with photos from recent and year ago trips. Matthew was kind enough to send photos of a group he brings up yearly, and tells me that he cannot believe the changes in these young folks …. I’m thinking he is awfully proud of them also!

Gage came in with his Dad, got a couple things and some pointers (I would hate to call it Good Advice, but Hey, it worked!) and they hit Dry Run for the very First Time ….. then, the photos started blasting in …. A Big Time was had needless to say ….. for all the photos we gathered this week/month see our Gallery at ... and Thanks to all for letting us show them off!

We have had this talk before …. Dry Run Creek is a jewel that all of us can be Proud of …. It provides an excellent place for young people and Mobility Impaired Folks of all ages a place to catch really big Fish plus its all in the cool of the shade 

Come on by the shop, We’ll try really hard to make your day on the water a Great Day to Remember!

Some other things going on in the area are:

Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View always has stuff going on, this week Knitting Lace, Cable Knitting, and Apothecary (herbalTinctures and Salves)

The 98th Annual Fulton County Fair starts on Monday … if you’ve been doing 98 years you must be getting something right …over in Salem AR

Friday Night Block Party in Mountain Home featuring the Bryant Band  …. These guys are rock musicians from the likes of Head East, Survivor and other older name bands …. Come on out and enjoy!

Saturday night Music on the Square over in Yellville is always a rowdy time ….  just sayin

Grandpa Don with a Nice BrownBraxton with an even Nicer Brown

Image titleImage titleImage titleGage and one of many RainbowsGage and the bigger Rainbow


The Boys are Back in Town

Some of the Boys from UARK Fly Fishers came over from Fayetteville again this last weekend. I hear they have summertime finals coming up, so this was a last chance before. Bradley, Daniel and Jackson made the trip over to fish the Norfork for a couple days. I’ve said it before ….. “These guys are pretty darn fishy.” The ‘Fork did not disappoint them at all. From the story I got they caught enough fish that all three were extremely happy! Just take a look at the smiles. As a matter of fact it got silly good, and they were mending to get slack on the smaller fish …..they got to the point that they were throwing everything in the boxes that they wanted and still catching fish .... what a problem to have. Listening to story I was really, really happy that they had “That Good of a Day”!

Okay, so, they caught Browns (Arkansas Butter), Rainbows(Bo-Bo’s), Cutthroat, Bass, Stripers all in one day, on one River …… who does that? ….. Daniel is "the" Striper guy on Beaver Lake so he’s the one that get the big Striper and the Bass. Bradley and Jackson only let me have photos of Trout,but I’m pretty sure from the excitement that everyone caught multiple other types of fish.

Personally if I was in Fayetteville, going to college, I would be trying to get in on some of these trips …. But that’s just me ….

Thanks to these guys for sharing their story and photos of such a good day .... "Ketch em up!" Now to get my boat ready  ....
Bradley and a Fat BrownDaniel and more Arkansas ButterJackson and another piece of Arkansas ButterBradley and one of the CutthroatBo-Bo JacksonBassin on the Fork DanielDaniel and .... really ...


TGIF .... Weekend, Oh Yeah!!!

River Fog in the Evening, courtesy Nathan Ferguson

Bobcat roaming the Banks, courtesy Nathan Ferguson

Brad and Striper with Madison photobomb!Nathanael and Striper

TGIF …. And here comes the weekend …. Oh Yeah! You guys response to supporting the UARK Fly Fishing Club has been great, nice to know that like-minded people are so willing to get involved …… Thanks to all Y’all!

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and Nathanael Ferguson(Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) have been hitting the creeks prettyhard …. Looking at these Striper photos are giving me an itch ….. Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Guide) is volunteering with a Youth Camp down in Texas …. Stories to come when he gets back, I’m sure ….. Dominic Zametto (Two Rivers Guide andOwner/Operator) is trying to run the business end of the shop, and get some fishing time (good luck on that, the business takes a lot of managing, well, maybe it’s that new guy that takes all the management). All these guys are really, really fishy, and work their tails off to make every trip a Great One. You should call the shop, we’ll gladly put you in touch with one of them and no matter what you want to do, they can work it out. You’ll have a really Memorable Day, Creek, River … it don’t matter, they know what and where is working best for the type of trip you want!!!

I did get to fish one evening with Brad and Nathan, many fish were caught, more than many lies were told, Brad even let me row his boat …. Trusting soul isn’t he …. I really do need to get more time on the oars …. We got to see some of the beautiful scenery up here, along with some the wildlife on the bank (check the Bobcat roaming the bank), not to mention in the boat ….. Nice that we never take it for granted ….. Come on up and take a look yourself ….

Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View has a lot going on this weekend:

Beginning Spinning, Craft your own handspun yarn

Ozark Folk School Pottery, No experience necessary

Soap Making, making soaps using old-fashion ingredients and modern methods

Stained Glass, learning how to make patterns, cut, grind and apply foils/solder

Contact ozarkfolkcenter@arkansas.comfor registration or take a look at their calendar of events (

You could even grab a lunch to go at Heidi’s Ugly Cakes (I suggest the Fried Bologna Sandwich, on Jalapeno Cornbread, but that’s just me)  and take the scenic drive down AR 341 to our friends at Gravity BrewWorks in Big Flat ….. really, you should check them both out


University of Arkansas Fly Fishing Club

Had a couple younger guys (Jackson and Andrew) along with their “Sponsor” (read that as Dad, Mark) come in the shop Sunday, looking for that elusive “North Arkansas Butter”, I have had the good fortune to fish with some of these folks in the past .... good people. They have started the “University of Arkansas FlyFishing Club”, at first they were just trying to get like minded folks to talk fishing, tie a few flies and take a couple fishing trips. That has now blossomed into a full-fledged UA sanctioned group with a Faculty Administrator, Officers, regular meetings and “Fund Raisers” (read that as Mom and Dad have been tapped out). So while they are still fishing together there seems to be more purpose to their trips. They have a lot of energy and are helping/volunteering with their local Trout Unlimited Chapters. I really want to see these young folks succeed in making this club a Permanent Fixture at the University of Arkansas.  In the furture maybe other area schools will have similar groups, and competitions between them. Great to see younger folks getting involved in the sport.

As you can see they did get a Nice North Arkansas Butter to visit the boat, along with a few other friends.

They did drop off some information about their latest endeavor.  See the photos for information and their new Stickers. For a $3.00 donation you can have one, and we’ll go the price of the stamp to get it to you, you can contact us at  Believe me, these stickers will start showing up all over, especially on my friend’s vehicles from Mississippi, Louisiana,and Texas ….. just sayin …. Please, don’t tell em’ that I am the one putting them over their favorite team sticker …..  Some folks get kinda "touchy" about that stuff, you know how they are .....Image titleImage title

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During and after the 4th Weekend

Photo courtesy Barry Annalora

Photo Courtesy of Barry AnnaloraPhoto Courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo Courtesy of Brad SmithPhoto Courtesy of Brad Smith

Hope y’all had a Safe and Happy 4th. It seems that every holiday weekend, we have several rain showers and this last weekend proved it. I once had a "Gulf of Mexico Old Salt" tell me “Fish don’t care if they get wet”, just that sometimes it seems that above the waterline is wetter than below, but that one fish will make you come out again and again.

Barry Annalora (Two River Guide) and Brad Smith (Two RiversGuide, AR Headhunters) did well over the last week. Even with the up and down flows, wet and dry times, they both found and caught fish while making memories for some super nice folks at the same time. The photos above are proof enough, big smiles all around …. Another Nice Bonneville showing up, Good Times …. Well except that one photo of Barry in the rain …. Nice Fish, but he doesn’t look that happy about being wet …. Just sayin’ ... Check out the July Gallery for these and other photos .... yep it's a new month 

The water on the Norfork River is wadable mornings, sometimes well into the afternoon. The White River seems to have that normal Summer time fluctuation, 1-2 generators in the early morning and rising late afternoon. Both Norfork Lake and Bull Shoals Lake are 7-8 feet below Flood Pool and the Corp seems to be holding water to prevent more flooding to the fields downstream.So their doing their jobs ….. Again this week the Bull Shoals release levels, just ain’t right on their app but …. It’s what we have to work with so I recommendthat you at least take a look at the SWPA Forecast , then the River Flows. At least you’ll have a starting point on planning your trip …..

As always “Come on by, we’ll try hard to make yours a Great Day on the Water” and for a really memorable Trip, book a trip with one of our local guides. They provide the equipment, the flies, the boat, know the best location, and have the expertise for you and your group to catch some great fish. Plus they all tell some really good stories ….. believe me ….. I hear them almost daily .....


Hunter came from Oklahoma

As a warning .... this story and photos will make you try to find any young person to take to Dry Run Creek .... just a little casting lesson and get a BIG net! .... you've been warned ....

We told you about Hunter dragging his family over, from Oklahoma, last week, well more photos and a video surfaced later. This young man drifted Squirmy Worms, Meat Whistles and Midges thru Dry Run Creek with really Great success. The story I got was the biggest fish ate and then went under, around and thru the Rock ledges that exist everywhere on this little Jewel of a creek. Yes, it was too much for the tippet and that one got away without a photo. He, his Mom (the photographer) and Dad came in with story after story of how this young man worked those fish over. Needless to say his Dad was along for the "Net Man" and had a workout. As a matter of fact I got so wrapped up in the stories, I didn't close the store until 30 -45 minutes late! 

Watch for the EAT on the video!!!!

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Image title

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Last week of June and the Fishing is great

Image courtesy of Barry Annalora

Image courtesy of Barry AnnaloraImage courtesy of Barry Annalora

Image Courtesy of Nathan FergusonImage courtesy of Nathan Ferguson

Image of Hunter's Mom

As you can see Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Guide) and Nathan Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide Ferguson Fly Fishing) have been pretty consistent this last week, above are some of their photos. Also the last photo is a 15 year old young man (Hunter) from Oklahoma that has “forced” his parents to come over, so he could fish Dry Run Creek. I’m pretty sure we’ll see more photos of him, much to the chagrin of his father. By the way, see our Two Rivers Gallery June 2017for all photos sent in by the guides, and customers …. Saturday starts a new month, but you knew that didn’t you.

If you have the USACE app on your phone, Please don’t pay any attention to today’s White River numbers …. Sumpin must be broke …. Cause, It just ain’t right …. Check out our website for Webcams that will tell you thetruth (Two River Fly Webcam Links). Speaking of flows, Norfork is still Wadable each morning, so if you want to wade get out there early, fish until the water starts coming up then go have Breakfast or Brunch. Hoping that they will let the low water stay until later in the day …. But I’d suggest skipping that early meal and catch some fish first ….. that’s just me, but I don’t miss many meals. As always check the River Flows, Creek Flows, SWPA Forecast before planning your day (with the exception of today on the White).

This time of year Cicadas, Grasshoppers, Squirmy Worms, Nymphs, Streamers and many other things are all working. For a really memorable day, contact us (870.499.3060) for a Guide Trip, we all know these guys will work hard to get mucho fish in the boat for you.

If you’re looking to entertain the family:

July 3rd Norfork Lake Fireworks ( at Dusk

July 4th  Jubilee in the Park at Bull Shoals Park ….

All day family event, check at July 4 for more information

Jul 4th Evening the Bull Shoals Fireworks Display at Bull Shoals State Park starts at Dusk

Ozark Folklore Society and Ozark Folk Center always have things going on, every weekend in Mountain View.

Gonna be a Big Weekend up here, come on by we’ll try real hard to make yours a “Great day on the Water!”


Taylor and her personal Guide Colt

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Taylor and Colt came over from Fayetteville Saturday night, as the story goes .... Colt was tying flies while Taylor drove. Long drive with a headlamp focussed on the vice much less trying to drive while someone is working on flies. They may or may not have gotten any rest before getting on the River. They got on the River early, floated down and got off around the time the Generation started. By the time they dropped by the shop they were completely stoked! Taylor caught and released one of the best success stories for AR' White River Chapter#698, Trout Unlimited, a 20" Bonneville Cutthroat. They were kind enough to allow us to post their picture. 

Many of you have read the success story but if you haven't, See the link for a great read about the stocking and catching of these beautiful fish .... Bonneville Cutthroat Success

Thanks again to Taylor and Colt!! Y'all come on up and maybe just maybe your smile will be as big as theirs.


Listening to Guides and Fly Fishers

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Image title

Image title

Barry (Two Rivers Guide), Brad (Two Rivers Guide AR HeadHunters), and Nathan (Two River Guide Ferguson Fly Fishing) took a day off,these guys must have had one of those “Epic” days. Above are just some of theirphotos. I am begging people to make them work every day just to keep fromseeing these kind of photos on my phone/email, and I have to listen to theseguys ramble on and on, one story after another …. Guess I am the jealous type …..If you want one of these “Memorable Trips”, give us a call (Two Rivers Fly Shop),we can get you a day or three that you’ll thoroughly enjoy and remember forLife.

I was able to get on the water with some of the Universityof Arkansas Fly Fishing Club members. Conner, Daniel, and Jackson came overfrom Fayetteville to “school” this “Ole Guy”. Another session of listening toguys go on and on with story after story …. Are you seeing a pattern here? Withguys like these the Fly Fishing community is in Good Hands, they are all “VeryFishy!”  Really enjoyed visiting andfishing with this group, would like to meet more of the Club members, but … thestories … well let’s just say …

The last photo is a ”Little Arkansas Butter” that I hung onto, so I did try to keep up with them.

If you are thinking about getting a Family member or Friend into this sport we call Fly Fishing you can’t do better than Ron’s Beginner FlyFishing School (, it’s a full day of instruction(for 1-2 people) including the very basic skills one needs all the way to timeon the water. After one of these classes anyone will feel comfortable going FlyFishing anywhere! We do have packages available to break into the sport withoutbreaking the bank (Two Rivers Fly Shop Packages)

Come by the Shop in Norfork and we will try really hard togive you a “Great Day on the Water”

As always there are other things going on in the area forthe whole family

Red White and Blue Festival in Mountain Home (…. Try not to miss the “Turtle Races”, Free Concerts, or the Fireworks display

Trout Unlimited White River Chapter has their GenerationCamp, June 24th and 25th at Dry Run Creek (,this will a great weekend for approx. 20 kids. Dry Run Creek and the FishHatchery are a jewel for this area …. You owe to your family to check it out!

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Hot Boat and New Events

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Image title

Image title

Image title

It seems that Brad Smith (Two rivers Guide, AR Head Hunters) had the Hot Boat this week. Above are just some of his photos!

Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Guide) reported that after the Kids Fishing Derby the fish would hit Flies within a second or two of it hitting the water .... not a Bad problem to have ....

For the best fishing it is always best to Hire a Local Guide, they will work really hard to make yours a Memorable Trip!

We have had Wadable Water most days, but it always best to check the SWPA Forecast and the Water Flows .... Several Customer reports have been very good on Wade Fishing .....

For those not going fishing this weekend has a couple things going on

37th Annual Craft Fest in Mountain Home is Friday and Saturday

Wild West Days and World Fast Draw Tournament in Mountain View .... I just hope the "Boss" don't spend all his money on sone "Fancy Shootin Irons"

As always Come see us and we'll try hard to make yours a "Good Day on the Water"