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Stone Crab Noodling and other such things ....

Some of you may know, some don’t …. I have been in Savannah,Georgia, off and on for the past couple months. Old Career Life raised its head. Anyway, last weekend I got to visit with some very “Salty” folks, on a really nice 93’ Superyacht. Before you start thinking that they might be a little “uppity” for this “Exalted Fly Shop Bum”, let me tell you a story. They invited me to a “Dockside Oyster Roast”. These folks had 2 very large Coolers full of Oysters, another couple Coolers with cold Adult beverages, Grilled Brats and Italian Sausages, Buns and several different sides. The Oh-Fish-al “Roaster” is a retired US Army Ranger, with a story for every occasion. The Captain of the Yacht and several others Love to Fly Fish, so there are a multitude of stories, then all those “Salty’s” wives/girlfriends, they got right in the middle of things and just shook their heads when the stories got a little bigger than they should, and they actually tried to keep a straight face. Nobody ever got even a little obnoxious and everyone welcomed anyone that came walking down the Dock …. Lots and lots of “Here y’all, eat this” …..This is one memory that I will always cherish …. Some really Great folks!

One of the most memorable stories is about their Stone Crabs. Down here on the coast Stone Crab Claws are a delicacy, people run Crab traps as long as they legally can to get as many as the Law allows. Some folks have a slightly different method that reminds me of our area.

Stone Crab Noodling”: You wait for the lowest Tide of the season, get you some knee/elbow pads at the Home Depot. Get out to the Oyster Bars, start looking for crab holes, crawl up to the biggest holes and reach down into each hole and find the Stone Crabs. When the Crabs are in the hole their claws are folded, so, you get a finger into the corner made by the joint,and pull em out. Sounds easy, but imagine the muck your crawling around in not to mention the oysters your laying on, and that is if the holes is above the Low Tide water line. You are reaching into a hole as far as your shoulder will allow trying to get something you can't see, but there you are. Now, once you get them out of the hole (against their will I might add) they can swing that free Claw around and pinch the ever loving s#*t out of you,so you gotta be quick to catch that claw. Then you decide which Claw is the biggest and break it off at the joint. Now you can put the Crab back in the hole, they’ll grow back the Claw you removed and you can “git em” again ... kinda like "Catch and Release" but you get to eat some too! Needless to say there are many cold Adult beverages involved in all this action, so at the end of the day, or before the Tide comes back in, you head back to the Dock and “Steam” your catch and just plain enjoy the treasure of Fresh Stone Crab Claws. You may try to be nice but these things are too good to share with just anybody …. Jus sayin ….

By the time the teller got thru with his story, there was a line of folks wanting to go the next time he went. He did tell a couple folks that he would take them, but didn’t sound too specific about where they would be going.

When I left the dock that evening it dawned on me that Good Ole Rednecks are just Good OleRednecks, no matter where you are …. So if someone asks you anything about Stone Crab Noodling, tell em, we may not have Stone Crabs but we got just the Boys to “git in there a get er dun”! Ain’t it Great to be a Good Ole Redneck!

That ain't no Drift Boat

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October 21 Weekend woohoo!

Well, we have seen some Minimum Flow on the White River and reliable Minimum Flows on the Norfork.

The Bull Shoals Dam current forecast for Bull Shoals is 1-2 generators all day Friday (October 20th), but SWPA will not release the weekend forecast until Friday after 4:00pm, maybe, just maybe there will be changes to what has been the “Norm”. Guides are still working the “Low Water”and are still catching Fish …. Hoppers, Midges are still producing, but you may need to down size to get a bite on Streamers (think Wooly Buggers size).

The Norfork Dam forecast is remaining similar to what has been running. Minimum Flow till 3:00pm, with a few hours of 1 generator in theafternoon. I would expect this to continue for the short term anyway. Wading has been good and the Guides are still working the River, making memories for their Clients, and putting Folks on the Fish “Hot Spots”. Again SWPA will release their weekend forecast on Friday after 4:00pm …. But I would not expect any changes.

This week I’d like to kick off a “Guide Bio” segment, we have 8-9 guides so I don’t expect you to know much about all of them. I’ll just do this in alphabetical order …. Easier for me to remember who I got last

Barry Annalora is originally from Upstate New York (we try not to hold that against him) and grew up fishing Lake Ontario and many of its “Feeder Rivers, and Creeks”. His working career brought him to North Arkansas, and it stuck …. Don’t think he’ll make his home anywhere else now.

Barry does volunteer work with Christian Outdoor Alliance, working with youngsters to help them with Hunting Fishing and just plain Outdoor skills while mixing in Christian Leadership and beliefs. This is a quality group of people, mostly volunteers and I’d bet Barry is proud to be part of their group.  

While he is one “Very Fishy Guy” he usually is somewhat subdued, but that Upstate New Yorker does come out sometimes (he’ll have to fight that all his life, heeheehee). He has caught and released numerous over 25” Fish here in the area, and many, many of his clients have let me know he helped them work ‘em over.

If you would like to have one of those memorial days, call the shop or setup a trip online …. I’m sure Barry will be happy to find an open seat in the boat for you.

Some other things going on this weekend are:

The 22nd Annual Hillbilly Chili Cook-off andFestival is at Bull Shoals White River State Park on Saturday October 21st.There will be a Car Show, Arts and Crafts, Chili Tasting, Live music and The Cutest Chili-Dog Contest oughta be a Big Time!

Rapp’s Barren Brewing will have Live Music by Me and Him (aka Opal Agafia and Michael Schembre) from Eureka Springs. Food will be available from Warrior Station (Nathan can put out some Grub, past experience tells me this) … you really should try Rapp’s Hoppucino …. Jus sayin

War Eagle Fall Craft Fair ….. we all know this is HUGE! It’lltake at least a day just to tour, much less really check out all the vendors!

It’s a great time to be in the Ozarks and take a day Fishing, or taking a Drive up Push Mountain Road, if you do take a drive stop in Gravity BrewWorks and have a cold one …. Tell ‘em I sent you maybe they’ll laugh while pouring you a Cold Brew!

Browns eat Midges too .... photo courtesy Rising River Guides


Rivers are at Minimum Flow .... Both of them!

We all remember the end of April 2017.

From April 21st to May 1st, Norfork Lake went from 551.99 to 578.92 elevation ( yes that is a 27 Foot jump in 9 days.The Corp had to open the floodgates and do whatever they could to protect the Dam. All of this led to several things happening to the river, the river bottom,the fish in the river and the normal boating lanes. We have had several days of wading water on the Norfork Tailwater now so people are starting to figure out what really did happen, talk to any Guide and they will let you know what holes they are trying to stay away or stay in all the way up and down the River.

From April 20th to May 15th, Bull Shoals went from 656.13 to 692.84 elevation ( that is a 36 Foot jump in 3-4 weeks. Again the Corp had to open the floodgates and do anything they could to protect the Dam.So there are several similar areas on the White that folks are figuring out, even after having some lower flows for a week. Tomorrow October 18th Bull Shoals is forecast to have minimum flow from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, so maybe we can see what really happened to several of the normal holes and shoals.

I told you guys all that to say this “There are some fish in the River that shouldn’t be there!”. If you happen to be fishing close to either of the Dams and catch a Hybrid, Striper, White Bass, or Walleye …. My opinion…. You should “Filet and Hot Grease” …. Or contact me and I’ll send you a really good “Smoked Fish Spread Recipe” …. It won’t be Cap’n Larry Super-Secret Fish Spread Recipe but it’ll be close.

The guys from UARKFF have really done their part in cleaning some of the Norfork, and they have been really good about allowing me to use that “White Meat” ….. actually my Sweetie is the real cook! …. But I get to help in the eating!!! Take a look at their latest photos

Any Bo-Bo's, Cutties, or Browns these guys catch get "Gently Released" back to the River, just to let em grow and hope to catch em when they get bigger!!!

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New Items - Nate Kaenes

We have been updating our website …. Just trying to get the Items in stock listed and add New Items …. One of the New Items we have are Nate Karnes Stickers.  Come in or go to ourwebsite ( to check out what we have in stock … we’ll try to keep it updated, but that means more work for someone (aka “Exalted Fly Shop Bum”) so be patient, Please!

From Nate’s website:

“I'd rather be fishing. A phrase on seemingly infinite numbers of signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts and refrigerator magnets. Each time I read that phrase I get a glazed-over look on my face as I think of places I'd like to cast a fly rather than doing whatever it is I'm doing at the moment.Places like the Smoky Mountains where I grew up, or somewhere in the Rocky Mountain range of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana, or even places near where I live today in Southwest Missouri - like the amazing rivers in Arkansas or even the pond out back. The glazed-over look may only happen for a split second, but when I snap out of it I always say the same thing as I nod my head - "Yup."

What I've found is that I'm not alone. The things I create are for people like us. I create fine art pieces you would be proud to display in your home or office,apparel you love to wear because it fits your style better than anything else you've found, and decals that are fun and look great on your truck, boat orcooler.”

You can also check out Nate’s stuff at ….

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Taylor is back and the Hoppers are still working

If you have been reading our twice weekly blog/posts, and even if you haven’t (but you really should) you probably know that the Norfork is at Minimum Flow, and Stained. The White is continuing to generate 1-2 gens almost full time. Tomorrow (Friday 13th) is going to be the same except Norfork is forecast to start generating at 1-2 pm not the 3 pm that they have been doing. Get out early “Ketch em up!” and go have a late lunch. Jus sayin … 

Lots of reports coming in from multiple folks of really good days on Da’ Fork, some not so good …. We are suggesting flies …. Some are buying and giving us great reports, a few are sayin “that didn’t work for me yesterday” …. Who knows why? .... I went out back to talk with Harley about it .... he sez "They ain't holding their mouth right" ... Words of Wisdom ... Yep, Harley is a chicken but he is a smart Chicken .. I'd just bet that we are the only Fly Shop with a Chicken Mascot ... what do you think?

Last Saturday when they were still running water I got to sneak up the Da Fork with my Friend, Jackson. We were throwing some streamers and shootin the breeze when one of dem Stripers decided they wanted to play. Jackson really does have them dialed in and is happy to people like me put em in the boat! We quit when we had three in the cooler and took them out of the river, those won’t be eating anymore Trout Dinners …. You can bank on it!!!

The White Hopper bite is still doing well from boats, along with the expected Midges. Streamer fishing seems to be slowing but it’ll get better as the cooler weather gets started. As a matter of fact take a look at the photos, Matt Millner (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Rising River Guides) said the photo is one of the better Hopper eaters this week. Taylor Wooten (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Flippin Fly Guides) had Taylor in the boat … man, THE GIRL CAN FISH! Remember back a few months (june 27th 2017) when she stuck a really nice 20” Bonneville, well she is back on em check em out Browns, Rainbows …. Who knows what else …. I’ll say it again …. THE GIRL CAN FISH …. Just so you know her boyfriend probably stays pretty close!

If you think you would like to have one of these days …. Call the shop …. Reserve a guided trip! Barry, Brad, Dominic, Larry, Nathanael, or Taylor will be happy to put you on the right spot to get some Fish and do it safely. They work the river almost everyday and know what and where!!!

What’s going this weekend …. Again this weekend Rapp's Barren Brewing Company will have live music and BBQ Food Truck …. Wonder which Brew pairs well with Ribs …. Stop by and figure it out for me … maybe I’ll just find out myself.

If you happen to be out in Northwest GA Coosa Valley Chapter 519 of Trout Unlimited has a Chili Cook Off going on .... gonna be a HOT time ... plus they are raising funds for their TU Chapter .... everybody wins!Image title

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New Event


USFWS took me Fishing!

Remember back a couple weeks (September 14th Blog/Post), I told you folks that I had the Good Fortune to be in the boat with a Sweet Lady, and Bill. Well some photos have been placed on the site ….Yeah …. That’s right …. I went fishing for the United States Federal Guberment. When you the Guberment asks, you don’t take a knee, you stand up and Go Fishing! Huge Thanks to Brett Billings of NCTC Creative Imagery, USFWS and Bill Thorne of Trout Unlimited of Arkansas for asking Girlfriend and I to go. Yup, I’m a very Lucky Boy, and Truly Blessed to be associated with some Great People.

Duane Bell of Trout Unlimited Chapter #698, and Matt Millner (Two Rivers Guide, Rising River Guides) also were involved with Duane doing most of the work (aka: Photo Boat) the first day, while Bill rowed us down the river, then Bill (running thePhoto Boat) on the Second Day. Matt supplied some great photo opportunities the second day.

It really was a beautiful couple days, with some peeks ofFall color coming out, even a few fish decided to get in on the action. Brett takes some really great photos ….. just take a look. We really do have some great secenry here in the Ozarks!

For a chance to view all the Photos see:!%22Fishing%20for%20trout%20on%20White%20River%22/field/creato!all/mode/all!all/conn/and!and/display/200/order/nosort/ad/asc


Remember that these photos belong to all of us. If you take the time they have volumes of information on their website, and it’s all free! OurTax Dollars are doing something that we can all enjoy!

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