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Late Summer Hopper Bite is on Still

As we all have reported for weeks and months …. The Hopper Bite has been great, streamer bite is still Good ….. just ask Barry Annalora (Two rivers Guide), Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters), Matt Millner (New Guy, Two Rivers Guide, Rising River Guides), Dominic Zametto (Two River Guide, Shop Owner Operator), Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing), Taylor Wooten (another New Guy, Two Rivers Guide, Flippin Fly Fishing) …. Man that’s alot of folks to talk to, much less have to type all of em …. I gotta find a way to shorten their names …, Anyway the Fish are cooperating ….. “The Entire Group” (I like that, don’t you) and their Clients are pulling em in …. But for some unknown reason their clients aren’t sharing the photos …. Bet they got trips already booked and just don’t want me on their holes …. Course I’m like that …yup I’ll fish your secret hole …. But I’ll keep it to myself, I promise …. No Iwon’t … I’ll tell everybody on the interweb! Maybe that’s why they aren’t talking to me, much …..

Anyway see a couple photos I bribed from Matt, and yep, they ate the Hopper, even with the lower flows …. It’s that time of year, we should get in on it!

BTW, Y’all may have noticed that the flows are coming down ….Bull Shoals actually had MINIMUM Flow for a short time this week, Norfork has shut off the generators late at night, again earlier this week and I would bet there will be more. Beaver Lake still has some water but it’s coming down fast. All the other lakes are at or below Power Pool …. Wadable water is coming. The problem is  that the USACE website is giving or not giving the most reliable information …. So it’s a “Look and See” thing for now …. Maybe they’ll get it fixed, maybe they won’t. The latest “Forecastis showing Lower Flows again for Friday … can’t wait for the Weekedn Forecast ….Check it out at  .... “The Entire Group”I mentioned above is on the water everyday and they tell us at the shop what is going on …. But I am planning my Wading Days …. They are going to be SOON!

 Another BTW: The IFFF (formerly Conclave) is next week end, come on up to see some of the best Fly Tyers from all over. All these people really do enjoy talking about their Craft, and explaining the why’s and how’s …. Easy to get tips, pointers and maybe a few free Flies ….

While you’re in the area you gotta try out BrewWorks and Rapps Barren Brews …. There are great brews at both places … Let me put it another way, Have a few Brews, go Fishing and then go have a few more Brews ….Oh Yeah Image titleImage title… this could be a Trend …. And I’m IN! It’s all Good!


Lakes are at Power Pool once again .....

Matt and his niece came over last weekend, for their Dry Run Creek fix. They have been coming over from Oklahoma for a while now, and we have had the pleasure of showing their pictures before. Once again they did really well on the patterns he had ordered from us 2 months ago. Guess he really did know exactly which Fly and Color he wanted to use, sometimes it’s just that way!  Check out the smile on this Beautiful Young Lady!

When you bring Family, Friends and especially Youngsters, you really do owe it to yourself to go up to Dry Run Creek, if only to view some of the “Hawgs” in a really special small Creek. These fish are “fat and happy”, willing to take a Fly, have their picture taken and get back in their water.

On the Rivers, the Hopper Bite is still Smoking, the Streamer Bite is Good, and as always, midges catch fish all over our waters. Brett and Jackson are still finding some really nice Fat Fish …. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time ….. of course …. Time on the Water is an Investment!

Lake updates:

1.      Beaver Lake is 1 foot above Power Pool, so they are releasing water thru their generators 24 hours a day.

2.      Table Rock Lake is actually below Power Pool and still sending some water on thru to Bull Shoals.

3.      Bull Shoals is going to be at or below Power Pool as you are reading this, but October 1st the Power Pool number will drop another 2 feet. That new number won’t be hard to achieve, as all thelakes are close.

4.      Norfork Lake will probably be at Power Pool late today (9-26-17) but it might be late this evening.

Check the Lake Levels, and River Flows at River Flows

What does this mean to us? Well … hopefully … maybe …. Perhaps…. We’ll actually get some WADABLE Water real soon. If the dry spell we are currently having continues (no rain in the forecast), there will be lots of opportunities to go check out what all the High Water did to your favorite wading spot. Figure on some changes and the good holes may have moved, but I’m betting the Fish will cooperate. Also figure on there being quite a few folks out to check out their favorite spots. Hope you folks did your homework on your Rods, Reels, Waders, Boots and all your gidgets and gadgets! If you find something isn’t quite the way you want it …. Well …. “Come on by the Shop, We’ll try really hard to make yours a Great Day on the Water”!

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I don't work on Fridays, but I don't get much done around the House either

You know, I don’t mind having Friday’s off work, especially when I get all the photos together for the Friday morning post (usually Thursday night), the problem is that when I see all the photos, which sometimes include stories …. Well I shore don’t want to mow my grass on Friday afternoon …. I mean take a look at all these photos

Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Fly Shop), Brad Smith (Two Rivers Fly Shop, AR HeadHunters), Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Ferguson Fly Fishing), Dominic Zametto (Two Rivers Fly Shop, Owner/Operator) are all reporting that the Hopper bite is still on Fire, so guess what I’ll be doing, and what you should be doing on our days off….. just sayin …. They are also reporting that the Streamer bite has not cooled off either (even the Brookies are eating Streamers) …. So pick your “Weapons of Deception” and git out there! If you don’t have a Boat or a Buddy with a Boat (which is better than having one yourself), call the shop, pick an open date and we’ll get you in the Boat with some of the most productive Guides on these Rivers (hiring a Guide is cheaper than buying a boat!). One thing you can bet on, these guys will work their tails off to get you on Really Good Fish, and do it safely. They are out there every day even when they aren’t working, to make sure they know where and when they need to be to get those “Gooduns”. All our Local Guides work wherever they need to …. And their all Very Fishy!

Some Folks from Coosa Valley Chapter 519 of Trout Unlimited, came up this week, we really hope they had a good time. That just tells me something, they came from some Beautiful country with great Rivers, drove several hours to get here and are fishing in our home waters. We really do live in a very Special Place!!!! A Big Thanks to them for coming up!!!

If you have a “significant other”, get them to come on over and take a ride thru the Ozarks, leaves are changing colors, the Scenery is popping all up and down Push Mountain Road, plus you can pick up some lunch, then stop by Gravity BrewWorks (in Big Flat), and/or Rapp’s Barren Brewing (in Mountain Home), or even have a Picnic on the Buffalo River. Maybe take the Youngsters to Dry Run Creek …. Gotta please as many of our family as we can.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, “Git Outside”, it is still warm but the change is coming, “Enjoy the Journey” we all call our daily lives.

And if you get a chance come by the shop, you know “We’ll try really hard to make yours, A Great Day on the Water”

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Trey's last day on Dry Run, Olivia and Colton will take up the slack, and the UARKFF guys are back ....

Big goings on around here ….. have you noticed the lake levels? If not, you need to check them out …. Bull Shoals and Norfork are only 2, yep, 2 feet above power pool ….
Forecast right now is for Bull Shoals to be there on Sept 24th …. That’s this next Sunday (just so you don’t have to find a calendar).
Norfork is forecast to be at power pool on the 26th, next Tuesday ….. really it’s in sight!
With no real rain chance forecast for the next 10 days …. I’d almost bet we will be seeing significant lower flows next week! Woohoo!
Enough with the bubbly, let’s get to the meat!

Trey couldn’t stand not having one more day on Dry Run Creek before his 16th Birthday, so he comes over hits the Creek and scores a Slam …… Browns, Rainbows, Brookies … what a Happy Birthday he had last weekend, heard the Fish of Dry Run had a party on Sunday too! His Dad sent us a photo, and listening to him, he was as excited as Trey! That family has a Memory that will live on forever …..

Taylor Wooten (Flippin Fly Guides) came by the shop to show off a couple photos of Olivia, and Colton and their big day on the Creek. Obliviously there was some Big Fun going on …. Take a look at all these smiles! Really great tyo see all these Younger Folks getting in on our “addiction” ….. oh to be 14 again …. If just for a couple days ….. anybody got a youngster I could rent?

Then I find out the UARK Fly Fishers made a trip over again last weekend, from the story I hear …. They are gonna have a “Hybrid Fish Dinner” for more than a few friends …. Bet that will be a blast ….They do want everyone to know that they will be holding a “Casting Clinic” on the Lawn at Ole Main on Oct 6th …. So if you’re in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area drop by between 3 and 6pm …. Check em out!

On a serious note, if you get a chance to help someone affected by the 2 massive Hurricanes that have hit the U.S. in the past weeks, and now in Mexico, just do what you can ….. good folks will always survive, but it helps when we show we care!
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it's Friday .... Woohoo!

Here we are …. It’s Friday …. Woohoo! Grab a couple rods, stop by and pick up a couple-three flies and let’s go Fishin!

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters), Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) and many, many others keep going on and on and on about the Hopper Bite …. It’s that time, Foam Dry Flies and epic Brown Trout hits are almost the norm right now. I mean really, we need to get in on this stuff. Brad had folks on the water for a couple days, and Nate took his Sweet Girlfriend out on the water (girls really do want to hear those three little words … “Let’s Go Fishing”). You can tell by the photos that a Good Time was had by all!

Had a little Bird tell me that Trey (see the previous posting) is coming back for one more day on Dry Run Creek (he turns sixteen on Sunday) so I might go up to the Creek Saturday just to watch all the action …Expect more photos or a really big sad story about His last Day, before he has to move over to the Big River.

Now for my special news …. For all that know him, Bill Thorne is a very special person, Sara (his girlfriend) and he are heavily involved in Trout Unlimited, the accolades for each would take hours for me to type much less get them right. So when he asked my Girlfriend and me to go fishing last Sunday afternoon, I knew something special was about to happen. Well he didn’t disappoint even if the fish weren’t great. He had a videographer (Brett Billings) from the “United States Fish and Wildlife Service”, yup the "Federal Gubernment” was taking pictures of us Fishing ….. my tax dollars finally paid off! We caught a few fish, had a great time talking with Bill, spent our time just being normal everyday fishing folks while in the “Spotlight”. I must admit that another Trout Unlimited “Oh-fish-al” (Duane Bell) was running the photo boat. On Monday Brett took video and photos of Duane and his Buddies, also got some great footage of Matt Millner (Rising River Guides) and some of his group. Brett is also doing some videoing of the “National Fish Hatchery” here at Norfork. Not sure when the videos and photos will get posted but you should check out some of the stuff these folks do. Take a look at ….There is a lot of stuff so take a couple looks …. You can bet I’ll be letting you know when they put us on their site … yup, you can bank on it!

I almost forgot …. Rapp's Barren Brewing is expecting to have their Grand Opening here in Mountain Home on Friday, Sept 15th …. Yep, that’s today ….. admit it, You like Beer, I like Beer, we all like Beer, Beer is our Friend  …. Go by sometime and show them a little Love, even if your hands smell a little Fishy ….Mountain Home has their very own Micro-Brewery! …. I really like the sound of that …… really, Check em out!

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Dry Run ... Hopper Bite ... AGFC

Boy do we have some things to talk about this week.

Not only is Trey turning 16 next Sunday (Happy Birthday by the way), he tore em up on Dry Run Creek last weekend ….. Got that one last “Great Day on the Creek” in before it was too late, and he made it count! His Dad was kind enough to send us a couple photos of the nicer Fish …. Don’t know about y’all but, they look like “No Guts, No Glory” photos …. But that’s just me. We are gonna have to watch out for this young man out there on the Big River …. Could just follow him around and pick up the scraps, probably make for a Good Day!

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and many others are exclaiming the Hopper Bite is “On Fire”. I guess so from all the photos I keep seeing, Y’all better get in on this, while the getting is good! Water is still high and up in the grass many, many places, but you almost have to have a boat …. Book a Guide and they will make sure you hit the right spots!!!

Speaking of High Water …. Please be careful out there ….Monday I saw a Kayak going by the house upside down with two people hanging onto it. Needless to say, I hooked up the boat and took off for the ramp. By the time I got there Jason Loyd (White River Fly Fishing Service) had picked them and their Kayak out of the river and was doing his best to “Net” all their stuff. When he pulled up to the ramp they were wet, cold, and glad to see their Kayak on solid ground. Again one of the Local Guides helps out even if their Clients have to wait a few minutes for that next Fish. We are truly Lucky to have so many Great People working these Rivers …. Thanks to all of em!

Arkansas Game and Fish has sent out an email with the 12 proposals they are planning to submit to the Commission that writes the rules we play by. I’ll just list them here but you guys do have an opportunity to voice your opinions. Send opinions to:

Christy Graham

Trout Management Program | Supervisor



Proposal 1, Bull Shoals White River, Keep the daily limit of 5 trout, but only allow anglers to harvest one Rainbow Trout over 14 inches.

Proposal 2,Bull Shoals, White River, Cutthroat Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, increase the MML (Minimum Length Limit) to 24 inches.

Proposal 3,Bull Shoals, White River, Brook Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, keepthe MML at 14 inches.

Proposal 4, Bulls Shoals, White River, Daily Limit stay at 5 fish, but only one fish over 14 inches. Still have the MLL for all the different species.

Proposal 5, Bull Shoals, White River Seasonal Brown Trout Catch and Release area, NO Change!

Proposal 6, White River, Monkey Island Catch and Release area to be removed.

Proposal 7, White River, Extend Rim Shoals Catch and Release an additional 2 miles below existing line.

Proposal 8, Norfork River, Keep the daily limit of 5 trout, but only allow anglers to harvest one Rainbow Trout over 14 inches.

Proposal 9, Norfork River, Cutthroat Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, increase the MML (Minimum Length Limit) to 24 inches.

Proposal 10, Norfork River, Brook Trout, Reduce the daily limit to 1 fish, keep the MML at 14 inches.

Proposal 11, Norfork River, Daily Limit stay at 5 fish, but only one fish over 14 inches. Still have the MLL for all the different species.

Proposal 12, Both Rivers, Bait Fishing only allowed with a Single Hook Point.

All of these proposals were voted on by the folks that attended the Second Public Input Workshop held in Mountain Home. I must admit that they took the most popular options for their proposals.

Well that’ll do it for now but I am saving something really special for the next update. As always come by the shop, “We’ll try real hard to make yours, a Great Day on the Water!”

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