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August is over but the Fish are biting!!!

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You may remember I promised to get back to fishing ….. well here ya go …. Clint Wilkinson (Two Rivers Guide) decided to go ahead and show off some really good Browns, his clients are definitely happy. Nathanael Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) also had some Happy people in the boat, plus took some time to fish with Brad Smith  (Two Rivers Guide, ARHeadhunters) and we all know what happens when Guides have a day off, fish after fish, using different Flies and different methods to git em.

Brad and Nathan have both said that the Hopper bite has heated up, the Midge/Worm bite is still strong and the Streamer bite is continuing to produce nice fish ….. pick your method and all these guys can put you on fish …….

AGFC had their second meeting on Thursday evening, probably had 75 people attend and lots of information was discussed.

Lots of work is going on at the Hatcheries (State andFederal), and their probably going to stock a lesser number of fish, but are planning on increasing the average size from 11” to 12”. This should increase the size and life expectancy of the stocker fish.

Couple things about the Catch and Release areas on the  White, they are proposing to remove the Monkey Island C&R, but add to the Rim Shoals C&R. One option is to add approx. 1 mile to the upper end, other option to add 2 miles to the lower end. Either options extend the Rim Shoals Catch and Release area …. Possibly adding to the quality of fish, which is always good!

Seemed to be several different options to the Catch and Keep Limits. No change in the Length limits, or the number of Brook, Brown,Cutthroat that can be kept. But possibly One fish to be minimum 14 inches with a stringer of five fish, or One fish to be minimum 16 inches with a stringer of fish. What this means to me is “I can keep 4 stocker Rainbow, but that 5th one has to be whatever number gets chosen.” Might mean that some Rainbows get a little more time to grow.

We’ll all have to wait and see what finally gets approved thru the Commission but it was good to hear what the various people had to say many of whom earn their living on our rivers.

Lastly, Big Weekend up here in North Arkansas for those thatmay not want to Fish 24/7 …..

32ndNational Championship Chuckwagon Race will be Thursday 8/31 thru Sunday 9/3 This event includes the Chuckwagon Races, the Snowy River Race, Dances on Friday and Saturday nights, Western Trade Show (vendors) and Trail Rides see more details

White River Daysat Bull Shoals (Gaston Visitor Center) Presentations on the History of the White River, and a couple Float Trips. Contact the park for more details via email at

Grandpa and RamonaJones Banjo Weekend and State Championship at Mountain View. Workshops start on Thursday with the Championship on Saturday 9/2. Admission is FREE and the Players are competing for Cash prizes and State recognition. See for more details.

The one and only GreatSouthern Stone Skipping Championships at Fairfield Bay on 9/2 for Adults and Children. Money raised is to support Arkansas Food Bank and its member pantries. Check them out on Facebook “Great Southern Stone SkippingChampionships” …. Folks they are going to give away $250.00 for 1st place in the Adult Division …… I mean $250.00 …. 


Harvey Help ....

After the previous week’s events down in Coastal Texas and Louisiana, I’m gonna veer from Fishing stories a little. As the flooding continues, we are all thinking “What can I do to help?” Lots of Corporations, Companies and Private Citizen Groups are jumping in to Help as best they can. Just take a look on the web, the lists are growing every day. Estrada Art , Fishpond, Flood Tide, Howler Brothers, Hells Bay Boats, Sabine Skiffs, Sightline Provisions, Stlhd Gear, Yeti and many others from our Sport’s Industry …. Budweiser, Walmart and many, many other corporations are doing what they can. We know when the “Cajun Navy” shows up, well these folks will get in there, and do more than most folks.

But then it comes down to “What can I do?”, personally the First group that is always in the middle of every disaster, and stays long after the News Crews leave is the American Red Cross …. Yep …. They’ll be helping folks for a long time, and don’t ask for anything in return. So if you have a couple bucks left over at the end of the day look em’ up (…. You gift small or large is Tax Deductible and will help those that need some help. I know that giving money is tough sometimes, but you could go down and “Give a Pint of Blood” , we all have it and we all make new ….. Please just think about it ….. There are thousands of “Just Plain Folks” helping that will never be mentioned on some Newscast, and don’t want that sort of recognition ….. You, me, and “That Guy!” can make the biggest difference.

That’s it for today, there are lots of other things that just didn’t seem to be really important today ….. I promise I’ll get back to Fishing later this week!!!


Cool weather for the End of August

Here we are at the end of August and the temperatures are feeling like October, enjoy it while it lasts. Everyone knows the weather is going to change for better or worse, “Change is the only Constant!”

With the lakes still well above Power Pool (Bull Shoals is 16ft above, Norfork is 9ft), the rivers are still somewhat high, but are fishing very well. Some people are getting into the “Chuck and Duck” Streamer game. While it can be a very productive method. It takes a different skill level and a little more patience. You may catch more aggressive fish but numbers will definitely be lower. Generally most people are staying with the tried and true methods, the ones that produce lots of takes and some real quality fish.

Guides can and will fish the best way for their clients to put fish in the boat, while teaching new methods or tweaking your presentation,that’s just what they do …. Nothing like having a professional help us out with the little things … I can use all the help I can get ….

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and NathanaelFerguson (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) had the same groups on different days earlier and coached a young man into several nice fish …..

Brad also had a pretty good day/days with a couple guys that must have really enjoyed themselves!

Arkansas Game and Fish had their second public meeting last night, so there is a lot more discussion to come later on that.

Just so you know I’ll be remote for a couple weeks, so,Please send your Stories and pictures to and I’ll pass them on to everyone else. My stories may get a little “Salty” if you guys don’t keep me in the loop ….

This weekend at the Baxter County fairgrounds “Ozark EarthScience Club” will have their Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show ( will definitely be some things to see, do, and discuss at this show …. Try your luck at the “Spin and Win”!

As always, Come by the shop we’ll try real hard to make yoursa “Great Day on the Water!”

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End of Summer for UARK Fly Fishers

School has started for most folks, this Monday was first day back at it for those UARK Fly Fishers ….. they tried to end their break with a BANG last week …. Brett and Jackson spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday chasing Stripers, Hybrids, White Bass, Rainbows and Brown Trout (aka Arkansas Butter).….I even got in on the Festivities ….. Thanks Guys! …. They have the fish dialed in on Da’ Fork …. Even our Guides are impressed ….

I did talk to several people that are taking their really young ones up to Dry Run Creek for the first time. Guessing they figured that the crowds would be smaller after local schools started. Several stated that they did well, but didn’t get any photos ….. My Advice ….. If your youngster catches a decent fish, it’s Huge to them …. Take lots of pictures, print some of them and then frame them …. Just to show them off years from now ….. we all have those memories, but pictures make the stories even more fun to tell! Moms and Dads usually tell the stories better because the Fish get bigger every time they tell it …. “Fishing People are Born Honest, but they get over it quicker than others!”

The SWPA forecast ( has been and seems to be stuck on 1 ½ generators on the Norfork River (now 10ft above power pool) with 5-6 generators on the White River (now 17 ft above power pool). The Norfork flows are being reported very well, but the White … it’s broke …. Again ….. cutting edge technology? …. (

The Creeks have gotten a little more water over the last week and probably are the best bet for wading … just watch out for the Aluminum Hatch …. Last ditch at a Summer Float can get a little out of control …. We all remember those trips … but we don’t talk about that publicly …. Do we?

As always, Come on by the Shop, We’ll try really hard to make yours “A great Day on the Water”

Brett with a Really Nice StriperJackson with a PIG HybridYours Truly with a decent Hybrid

Brett with some Arkansas ButterBrett and a really Good Rainbow


New Event

A lot of discussion (and cussing) here at the shop there about getting more Wadable Water. In our area we have had some more rain days lately.We all know that our lakes have plenty of water and they need to release that water, making power for the region and control flooding downstream. Bull Shoals Lake is 17 feet above Power Pool, Norfork Lake is 11 feet above Power Pool. Our Lakes having lots of water, hot weather in the region and Wadable Water are not compatible. What does this means to you and I? Boats are going to be the answer for fishing until the weather cools off (less power consumption) or Downstream gets some heavy rains (Flood Control) …. Just the way it is.

While the Guides are busier with the higher flows, Waders are just not able to get on our rivers unless we can find access. Even if we do find access the amount of Wading is going to be limited to the River edges.

Short answer for a really good fishing trip …. Use a boat,you’ll need one person controlling the boat while others fish …. For a really Great trip, Hire a Guide! …. As always these folks know the water, where the fish are biting best, what the fish are biting on and supply everything you’ll need for an Epic Day. Most of our Guides are booked every weekend but have a day or maybe two off early in the week …..put em’ to work, and have yourself a Memorable Day.

Couple more things to think about is preparing for the type of fishing you like to do. Get out in the yard and Practice casting. Pick up a couple Hula Hoops at the local discount store and practice hitting spots from different distances and angles. Make sure your equipment is ready and operable. Cleaned and treated lines just work better than dirty lines, sometimes it’s not us or our Rod, it’s a dirty or cracked line. Do check your Rods and give them a cleaning, checking for corrosion and cracked ferrules. If you’re the type that would prefer to Wade, check your waders for fit and leaks, check your boots for breaking laces and worn soles. If you find any problems with any of your gear come by the shop, we can work out a deal on new Stuff no matter what your price rangemay be. A Very Wise Man once told me … “Whoeversaid that Money can’t buy Happiness, Never bought New Flyfishing Equipment!” …just sayin …..



Check the SWPA forecast for the weekend (after 4:00pm onFriday) at

Check the River Flows at

As always “Come by the shop, we will try really hard to makeyours a Great Day on the Water!”


Don't take a week off .... jus sayin

Good Rainbow, Photo courtesy of RobYoung man is a Rainbow Getting machine! Photo courtesy of Rob

Sam with a Nice Brown, Photo Courtesy of AdrianLuke did really well on Dry Run Creek, Photo courtesy of AdrianAdrian just couldn't take it so ....

Brett with a Good Striper, photo courtesy UARKFFJackson got a Brown to Play .. Photo courtesy UARKFFBrowns wanna have fun in the Rain too, Brett got this one , Photo courtesy UARKFF

Ketchin em in the Sunshine, Brett with another nice Brown, photo courtesy of UARKFFBrett and a Fat Rainbow, photo courtesy UARKFF

Yeah, I took off a week .... the pictures kept coming in .... 

Dominic (Two Rivers Guide and Owner/Operator) had a young man and Rob (Dad) in his boat and the young man excelled at putting fish in the boat, what a way to finish his "Summer Vacation" .... bet all the youngsters at school know all about it .... I would be telling the stories over and over until the next time I went ....

A couple other youngsters went to Dry Run Creek and did quite well .... just look at those Grins .... Sam (8 yrs old) went in July, and Luke (11 yrs old) went in August .... Adrian (otherwise known as Dad) got some action on the Big River .... Big Memories for their whole family

School has started across most of the area, which should slow the traffic down a little .... but with the results that we've been showing .... Dads maybe sneaking a "Playing Hooky" day in, with their Youngsters .... 

The Guys from UARKFF are still hitting Da' Fork pretty hard .... in the rain or in the sunshine .... I might be able to get them to let me in on the action sometime this week ... a guy can hope can't he?

BIG NEWS: SWPA has been forecasting NO Generation for the today and tomorrow (August 14th, 15th), maybe the rains to the east are going to cause us to get in a pattern of wadable water early morning for a little while. Check their forecast at 4:00-4:300 pm for the next day, Friday afternoon they release the weekend schedule. SWPA Forecast, look for number 14, NFD

As always "Come by the Shop, we'll try real hard to make yours a Great Day on the Water!"


Hillbilly Bassaplooza Cultural Exchange .... Report

Did you guys miss me last week? Probably not at all .... it's Okay .... I'm used to it .... 

You may know I went on a Fishing trip to Northern Wisconsin, Chippewa River, Lake Superior, Ashland, and Hayward WI. Two days of driving up and back, with 3 days of steady fishing ..... weather wasn't always the best and we got very tired everyday but I would do it all again at the drop of my hat!

Bill Thorne (Arkansas Trout Unlimited Chair, and NLC) and I (Two River Shop Bum) were invited to the Wild Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited ( for their Chapter Bass Fishing Outing. Affectionately called the "Hillbilly Basssaplooza Cultural Exchange" for this year (I think someone up there knows me). Bill did a presentation about the success of the AR' White River Chapter#698, Trout Unlimited ( planting of Bonneville Trout into the Norfork and White Rivers. He really did do a Great Job of representing Trout Unlimited, Arkansas and our North Arkansas fishery.

Now the best part .... The people .... Kelly, Jason, Al, Bill, Bob, Carolyn, Scott and many other TU members took time out of their lives and their families time to show us a GREAT time. All we had to do is get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and "Let's hit the Water". As with every extended outdoor activity the weather played havoc with us, but it didn't slow these folks down at all! I really want to Thank all of them for a wonderful time. If you are ever near Ashland, WI look for "Angler's All" (, if you are closer to Hayward, WI by all means cut out a day or two to spend with West Fork Jason Guide Service (, and be prepared to fish hard! Really any of the people of the Wild Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be able and ready to point you into the right direction.
I believe that Al, and both the Bill's broke the 25 each mark on Smallmouths, I caught my 1st,2nd, and 3rd Pike and multiple Smallies ... Bill and I did miss a shot at a large Muskie, I swear that fish was 5 yards long, and I only saw it's belly! Everyone caught fish except Kelly and Jason who spent their days on the oars, working hard to get us a shot at em' ... in sunshine or rain as a matter of fact. Huge Thanks to these guys! Can't wait until the next time and there will be a next time .... already thinking about the "Sconnie Invasion and Cultural Exchange" to happen in Janurary 

A few photos and that will complete my trip discussion ..... there are many stories to tell, but "What happens on the River stays on the River!"

Barker Lake, Winter WI at SunriseChippewa River Bank, farm fields everywhere

Lots o Bass like the Murdich MinnowEven small Bass like the Murdich MinnowMiss Carolyn in the front, Kelly on the OarsMiss Carolyn and the Bass wore out the Grey Ghost PopperSmiling Pike took the Murdich Minnow

Did I mention .... It Rained!


It's August .. Weather and the Fishing is still Hot

Cody and A Nice Dry Run Creek Bow

Hasppy Clients! Photo courtesy of Nathanael Ferguson

Photo courtesy of Nathanael FergusonPhoto courtesy Nathanael Ferguson

Photo courtesy of Brad SmithPhoto courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo courtesy of Brad Smith

Dry Run Creek continues to show the Youngsters a Great time, you can see a couple happy photos on our homepage, Cody, Grace, and many others have done very well ….. Great to see so many youngsters getting on Fish, and making Big Memories …. Thanks to all for the kind words and the photos

Brad (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and Nathanael (Two RiversGuide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) took a day between clients to get some “research”fishing in, just take a look at the photos ... nice fish!!!. Dominic (Two Rivers Guide and TwoRivers Owner/Operator) had clients in and told me that they caught a lot of fish, just no monsters ….. happy clients none the less! All of these guys are just plain “Fishy” … they will do whatever it takes to get fish in the boat and do it safely, while you relax and catch …. The only work you have to do as a client is hook-em and land-em …… Call and book a Memorable Trip

It was a Big Thursday night in this area. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had a public forum meeting to discuss the White and Norfork Rivers Management Plan, over 100 people showed up, which means there was over 100 different opinions to share. Big Kudos go out to Christy Graham
Trout Biologist Supervisor for all the hard work and information she provides to us about our Fishery. Another big Thanks to all the“o-fish-als” that attended. They really did bring all the Big Guns out for this meeting. At the end of the night I feel that we learned that we have a lot more similarities than differences. Now let’s hope that the AGFC listened and acts …..enough on that …..

Just so you folks know …. I get to go Up Nort next week to attend the“Hillbilly Bassaplooza Cultural Exchange” in Hayward Wisconsin…. Fancy name for a Trout Unlimited meeting/ Fishing Trip. Meeting up with some old friends, and make some new ones while Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, and a variety of other species, eat some great food and visit a new area.  A big Thanks go out to Wisconsin Trout Unlimited for the opportunity!!!  Also want to Thank Miss Kym and Miss Sara foreverything they will have to do while Bill Thorne and myself “Go Fishing”! More on this trip next week …. It’s definitely gonna be Big Fun!!!

Couple more things, Pub Night at the Library is tonight, go by, taste a couple local brews and support the Baxter County Library. The Babe Ruth Baseball (13 year old) World Series starts in Mountain Home, go by watch a game, have a Hot Dog and support some youngsters enjoying the Game.


International Weekend/Week on the River

Image titleJackson with another Norfork Striper

Daniel at it againDaniel and a Crooked Creek Carp .... great fighters!

Image title

Folks, it has been an International weekend/week …. Yup, we had folks come in the shop from Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Zimbabwe (that’s in Africa and their accent is harder to understand than those folks from Texas) .... Some folks came over from Paragould and the boys from Fayetteville were back over …. I’m telling you we get all kinds of different folks in the shop!!! Come on by and see what all the excitement is about. Problem is that most of these people will not share their fish pictures, some will send me photos, most won't (I tell them that I will make them famous, I just don't understand). Tyler got a 25" Brown off a Norfork River Dock, see photo.

I almost have to bribe the Boys form UARK Fly Fishers (with their Sticker Money, Thanks to y’all, I have some for them) to get their photos. Daniel and Jackson came back over and as I have said “These guys are Very Fishy” …. Just take a look at the photos. They fished Norfork and White Rivers, along with lower Crooked Creek …. While I was working, I might add …. I gotta get back in the Boat with these guys ….

Dry Run Creek is the big draw again and again, summer is almost over. All the youngsters will be going back to school soon. The fish are cooperating with the younger anglers, so load them up and get them outside for a day or two, make some memories that will last a long, long time!

Lots of folks are coming in asking about learning to FlyFish, I keep telling them to give Ron McQuay ( a call and setup a day of lessons …. He really is good with youngsters, and adults.

Just so you know, next week is the 2017 Babe Ruth Baseball (13 year old) World Series in Mountain Home. The festivities start Wednesday Aug 9th and run thru Thursday Aug 17th. It may be a little crowded at the Mountain Home area hotels, but the river resorts will have plenty rooms.

As always Come on by the Shop, we’ll try really hard to help you have a Great Day on the Water!