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Yeah I know I'm a little late on this one ... it's okay

Photo courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo courtesy of Brad SmithPhoto courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo courtesy of Nathanael Ferguson ... look at that grin!Photo courtesy of Nathanael Ferguson ... look at that grin!Photo courtesy of Brad Smith

Yep, I’m late …. You may have noticed that I try to get these updates done on Tuesday evening and Thursday evening …. If you didn’tnotice ….. It’s okay, cause I didn’t make it on Thursday evening …. So here goes

Brad (Two Rivers Guide, ARHeadhunters) and Nathan (Two Rivers Guide, FergusonFlyFishing) have been busy this week, take a look a tthe photos …. Dominic (Two Rivers Guide and Owner/Operator) had a Jane and Pat one morning, but didn’t get a photo of Jane’s First Fish on a Fly Rod, gonna have to talk to that boy …. I can’t say much cause he is the “Boss” but you guys … that’s a different story, if you get the Hint

Brad got to play in Dry Run Creek ( a few younger folks and they did really well …. Oh, to be under 16 and know about this place!! Not sure how big these fish are but we all know that these young folks will remember them for a long, long time. One piece of advice, When a youngster catches a good fish (big or small), get a good picture, clip that fly, make a Framed print of the photo, attach the Fly and display it where everyone can see it. While it’s a great conversation piece, it’s also a great way to show your pride in that youngster! They’ll always remember that you thought enough of them and that day to go the extra step to show it off.

Brad also had a couple good days on the “Big River” (see more photos) with another Nice Bonneville coming out to Play, but Nathan had 9 year old Davey and his Dad in the boat …. Davey must have “schooled” Dad, what a proud day for Dad … betting the conversation on the way home was fun to listen to …. Also bet Dad doesn’t care that he didn’t get his picture taken …..jus sayin ....

Summer Break is almost over for the Kids, get em out there one or two more times!

The National White River Canoe Race is going on, our local Baxter County Bulletin paper has a nice article ( about the first day leg ….

Due to the heat in other areas of the region and the race, River water levels are a little high. Lakes are still well above Power Pool. If you’re not going to the Creeks (, best bet is to get a boat or hire a Guide ( are small areas of wading opportunities here and there but they are very limited. See the SWPA Forecast for what they think they are going to release ( and for the River generations ( Look for this generation schedule to stay until Summer ends …. Just the way it is ….

Check out our July 2017 gallery on the website ( all the photos …. You could be next! And Come by the shop, we’ll try reallyhard to make yours a Great Day on the water!


Dog Days and White River Canoe Race

Image title

The Dog Days are here to stay for a while ….. best to do your fishing early or late ….. Guides work thru this heat and will tell you …..HYDRATE and then HYDRATE some more …… Good Advice ….. If we don’t listen to anything else our Guide tells us, listen to this one!

Girlfriend and I (guess she is really my Wife, been legal for 17 years now) …. Anyway, we hit one of the creeks midday last weekend …. Should have hit the water early …. Fishing was great ….. catching was a little slow, all the catches were in the shade except this one Ozark Bass she caught (see photo) ….. caught in the shoal water ….. while not Great Big, he thinks he is the Baddest Boy in the Creek!

This coming weekend is the annual National White River Canoe Race (, sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. Folks this really is a Huge Deal, these young folks (Men and Women, ages 14 to above 21) start at Bull Shoals Dam and paddle hard 8 separate legs, all the way to Batesville in 3 days, that’s right around 120 miles in 3 days! The first leg is 42.6 miles, second leg is 35 miles,and final leg is 40 miles with a portage around a dam. I don’t know about you but when I figure a “Float trip” I plan on 1 mile per hour ….. They’re doing 117miles in 11 to 17 hours ….. check the records (

I have stood out back with coffee cup in hand and watched Canoe after Canoe fly by at speeds that just amaze me. I don’t even get a cup down before they have all past my place.

So if you are on the White up river of Norfork on Thursday, between Norfork and Sylamore on Friday, or between Sylamore and Batesville on Saturday ….. when you see canoes flying up on you …. pull over to the bank and let these folks Fly by …. Be nice if you cheered all of them, I do! Please don’t be that person that messes up a young persons “Personal Best Time” in this race. Some of these folks “Train” all year for this and other races …. Give em a break!

Needless to say with the heat and the race there will be high flows on the White River and probably the Norfork River …. Check the SWPA Forecast. Friday’s forecast comes out at approx. 4:00 pm on Thursday with the Weekend forecast coming out Friday at approx. 4:00 pm ….. I’d just bet on high flows.

You can check the flows of the creeks many places, one being (

Come on by the shop, we’ll try real hard to help you Have a Great Day on the Water!


Summer is here ... but .... the Fish are biting!

Is it hot enough for you folks? The best place to be the last few days has been in or close to the water. The temps on the River are15-20 degrees cooler than what it is 100 feet up the bank ….. Really is nice to walk down by the water and feel the temperature change that much.

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide) had Braxton and proud Grandpa Don in his boat a couple days ago and they did well, couple of “Glamor Shots”, and some Really Great Family Memories, do you think that Braxton will be reminding Grandpa that his fish was bigger? ….. a large part of what the Guides up here do ….. Make Great Family/Friends Memories …. Time goes by so fast ….. Memories last forever!

We have had some other young people in and out of the shop this week, along with photos from recent and year ago trips. Matthew was kind enough to send photos of a group he brings up yearly, and tells me that he cannot believe the changes in these young folks …. I’m thinking he is awfully proud of them also!

Gage came in with his Dad, got a couple things and some pointers (I would hate to call it Good Advice, but Hey, it worked!) and they hit Dry Run for the very First Time ….. then, the photos started blasting in …. A Big Time was had needless to say ….. for all the photos we gathered this week/month see our Gallery at ... and Thanks to all for letting us show them off!

We have had this talk before …. Dry Run Creek is a jewel that all of us can be Proud of …. It provides an excellent place for young people and Mobility Impaired Folks of all ages a place to catch really big Fish plus its all in the cool of the shade 

Come on by the shop, We’ll try really hard to make your day on the water a Great Day to Remember!

Some other things going on in the area are:

Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View always has stuff going on, this week Knitting Lace, Cable Knitting, and Apothecary (herbalTinctures and Salves)

The 98th Annual Fulton County Fair starts on Monday … if you’ve been doing 98 years you must be getting something right …over in Salem AR

Friday Night Block Party in Mountain Home featuring the Bryant Band  …. These guys are rock musicians from the likes of Head East, Survivor and other older name bands …. Come on out and enjoy!

Saturday night Music on the Square over in Yellville is always a rowdy time ….  just sayin

Grandpa Don with a Nice BrownBraxton with an even Nicer Brown

Image titleImage titleImage titleGage and one of many RainbowsGage and the bigger Rainbow


The Boys are Back in Town

Some of the Boys from UARK Fly Fishers came over from Fayetteville again this last weekend. I hear they have summertime finals coming up, so this was a last chance before. Bradley, Daniel and Jackson made the trip over to fish the Norfork for a couple days. I’ve said it before ….. “These guys are pretty darn fishy.” The ‘Fork did not disappoint them at all. From the story I got they caught enough fish that all three were extremely happy! Just take a look at the smiles. As a matter of fact it got silly good, and they were mending to get slack on the smaller fish …..they got to the point that they were throwing everything in the boxes that they wanted and still catching fish .... what a problem to have. Listening to story I was really, really happy that they had “That Good of a Day”!

Okay, so, they caught Browns (Arkansas Butter), Rainbows(Bo-Bo’s), Cutthroat, Bass, Stripers all in one day, on one River …… who does that? ….. Daniel is "the" Striper guy on Beaver Lake so he’s the one that get the big Striper and the Bass. Bradley and Jackson only let me have photos of Trout,but I’m pretty sure from the excitement that everyone caught multiple other types of fish.

Personally if I was in Fayetteville, going to college, I would be trying to get in on some of these trips …. But that’s just me ….

Thanks to these guys for sharing their story and photos of such a good day .... "Ketch em up!" Now to get my boat ready  ....
Bradley and a Fat BrownDaniel and more Arkansas ButterJackson and another piece of Arkansas ButterBradley and one of the CutthroatBo-Bo JacksonBassin on the Fork DanielDaniel and .... really ...


TGIF .... Weekend, Oh Yeah!!!

River Fog in the Evening, courtesy Nathan Ferguson

Bobcat roaming the Banks, courtesy Nathan Ferguson

Brad and Striper with Madison photobomb!Nathanael and Striper

TGIF …. And here comes the weekend …. Oh Yeah! You guys response to supporting the UARK Fly Fishing Club has been great, nice to know that like-minded people are so willing to get involved …… Thanks to all Y’all!

Brad Smith (Two Rivers Guide, AR Headhunters) and Nathanael Ferguson(Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) have been hitting the creeks prettyhard …. Looking at these Striper photos are giving me an itch ….. Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Guide) is volunteering with a Youth Camp down in Texas …. Stories to come when he gets back, I’m sure ….. Dominic Zametto (Two Rivers Guide andOwner/Operator) is trying to run the business end of the shop, and get some fishing time (good luck on that, the business takes a lot of managing, well, maybe it’s that new guy that takes all the management). All these guys are really, really fishy, and work their tails off to make every trip a Great One. You should call the shop, we’ll gladly put you in touch with one of them and no matter what you want to do, they can work it out. You’ll have a really Memorable Day, Creek, River … it don’t matter, they know what and where is working best for the type of trip you want!!!

I did get to fish one evening with Brad and Nathan, many fish were caught, more than many lies were told, Brad even let me row his boat …. Trusting soul isn’t he …. I really do need to get more time on the oars …. We got to see some of the beautiful scenery up here, along with some the wildlife on the bank (check the Bobcat roaming the bank), not to mention in the boat ….. Nice that we never take it for granted ….. Come on up and take a look yourself ….

Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View has a lot going on this weekend:

Beginning Spinning, Craft your own handspun yarn

Ozark Folk School Pottery, No experience necessary

Soap Making, making soaps using old-fashion ingredients and modern methods

Stained Glass, learning how to make patterns, cut, grind and apply foils/solder

Contact ozarkfolkcenter@arkansas.comfor registration or take a look at their calendar of events (

You could even grab a lunch to go at Heidi’s Ugly Cakes (I suggest the Fried Bologna Sandwich, on Jalapeno Cornbread, but that’s just me)  and take the scenic drive down AR 341 to our friends at Gravity BrewWorks in Big Flat ….. really, you should check them both out


University of Arkansas Fly Fishing Club

Had a couple younger guys (Jackson and Andrew) along with their “Sponsor” (read that as Dad, Mark) come in the shop Sunday, looking for that elusive “North Arkansas Butter”, I have had the good fortune to fish with some of these folks in the past .... good people. They have started the “University of Arkansas FlyFishing Club”, at first they were just trying to get like minded folks to talk fishing, tie a few flies and take a couple fishing trips. That has now blossomed into a full-fledged UA sanctioned group with a Faculty Administrator, Officers, regular meetings and “Fund Raisers” (read that as Mom and Dad have been tapped out). So while they are still fishing together there seems to be more purpose to their trips. They have a lot of energy and are helping/volunteering with their local Trout Unlimited Chapters. I really want to see these young folks succeed in making this club a Permanent Fixture at the University of Arkansas.  In the furture maybe other area schools will have similar groups, and competitions between them. Great to see younger folks getting involved in the sport.

As you can see they did get a Nice North Arkansas Butter to visit the boat, along with a few other friends.

They did drop off some information about their latest endeavor.  See the photos for information and their new Stickers. For a $3.00 donation you can have one, and we’ll go the price of the stamp to get it to you, you can contact us at  Believe me, these stickers will start showing up all over, especially on my friend’s vehicles from Mississippi, Louisiana,and Texas ….. just sayin …. Please, don’t tell em’ that I am the one putting them over their favorite team sticker …..  Some folks get kinda "touchy" about that stuff, you know how they are .....Image titleImage title

Image title


During and after the 4th Weekend

Photo courtesy Barry Annalora

Photo Courtesy of Barry AnnaloraPhoto Courtesy of Brad Smith

Photo Courtesy of Brad SmithPhoto Courtesy of Brad Smith

Hope y’all had a Safe and Happy 4th. It seems that every holiday weekend, we have several rain showers and this last weekend proved it. I once had a "Gulf of Mexico Old Salt" tell me “Fish don’t care if they get wet”, just that sometimes it seems that above the waterline is wetter than below, but that one fish will make you come out again and again.

Barry Annalora (Two River Guide) and Brad Smith (Two RiversGuide, AR Headhunters) did well over the last week. Even with the up and down flows, wet and dry times, they both found and caught fish while making memories for some super nice folks at the same time. The photos above are proof enough, big smiles all around …. Another Nice Bonneville showing up, Good Times …. Well except that one photo of Barry in the rain …. Nice Fish, but he doesn’t look that happy about being wet …. Just sayin’ ... Check out the July Gallery for these and other photos .... yep it's a new month 

The water on the Norfork River is wadable mornings, sometimes well into the afternoon. The White River seems to have that normal Summer time fluctuation, 1-2 generators in the early morning and rising late afternoon. Both Norfork Lake and Bull Shoals Lake are 7-8 feet below Flood Pool and the Corp seems to be holding water to prevent more flooding to the fields downstream.So their doing their jobs ….. Again this week the Bull Shoals release levels, just ain’t right on their app but …. It’s what we have to work with so I recommendthat you at least take a look at the SWPA Forecast , then the River Flows. At least you’ll have a starting point on planning your trip …..

As always “Come on by, we’ll try hard to make yours a Great Day on the Water” and for a really memorable Trip, book a trip with one of our local guides. They provide the equipment, the flies, the boat, know the best location, and have the expertise for you and your group to catch some great fish. Plus they all tell some really good stories ….. believe me ….. I hear them almost daily .....


Hunter came from Oklahoma

As a warning .... this story and photos will make you try to find any young person to take to Dry Run Creek .... just a little casting lesson and get a BIG net! .... you've been warned ....

We told you about Hunter dragging his family over, from Oklahoma, last week, well more photos and a video surfaced later. This young man drifted Squirmy Worms, Meat Whistles and Midges thru Dry Run Creek with really Great success. The story I got was the biggest fish ate and then went under, around and thru the Rock ledges that exist everywhere on this little Jewel of a creek. Yes, it was too much for the tippet and that one got away without a photo. He, his Mom (the photographer) and Dad came in with story after story of how this young man worked those fish over. Needless to say his Dad was along for the "Net Man" and had a workout. As a matter of fact I got so wrapped up in the stories, I didn't close the store until 30 -45 minutes late! 

Watch for the EAT on the video!!!!

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Image title

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