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Last week of June and the Fishing is great

Image courtesy of Barry Annalora

Image courtesy of Barry AnnaloraImage courtesy of Barry Annalora

Image Courtesy of Nathan FergusonImage courtesy of Nathan Ferguson

Image of Hunter's Mom

As you can see Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Guide) and Nathan Ferguson (Two Rivers Guide Ferguson Fly Fishing) have been pretty consistent this last week, above are some of their photos. Also the last photo is a 15 year old young man (Hunter) from Oklahoma that has “forced” his parents to come over, so he could fish Dry Run Creek. I’m pretty sure we’ll see more photos of him, much to the chagrin of his father. By the way, see our Two Rivers Gallery June 2017for all photos sent in by the guides, and customers …. Saturday starts a new month, but you knew that didn’t you.

If you have the USACE app on your phone, Please don’t pay any attention to today’s White River numbers …. Sumpin must be broke …. Cause, It just ain’t right …. Check out our website for Webcams that will tell you thetruth (Two River Fly Webcam Links). Speaking of flows, Norfork is still Wadable each morning, so if you want to wade get out there early, fish until the water starts coming up then go have Breakfast or Brunch. Hoping that they will let the low water stay until later in the day …. But I’d suggest skipping that early meal and catch some fish first ….. that’s just me, but I don’t miss many meals. As always check the River Flows, Creek Flows, SWPA Forecast before planning your day (with the exception of today on the White).

This time of year Cicadas, Grasshoppers, Squirmy Worms, Nymphs, Streamers and many other things are all working. For a really memorable day, contact us (870.499.3060) for a Guide Trip, we all know these guys will work hard to get mucho fish in the boat for you.

If you’re looking to entertain the family:

July 3rd Norfork Lake Fireworks ( at Dusk

July 4th  Jubilee in the Park at Bull Shoals Park ….

All day family event, check at July 4 for more information

Jul 4th Evening the Bull Shoals Fireworks Display at Bull Shoals State Park starts at Dusk

Ozark Folklore Society and Ozark Folk Center always have things going on, every weekend in Mountain View.

Gonna be a Big Weekend up here, come on by we’ll try real hard to make yours a “Great day on the Water!”


Taylor and her personal Guide Colt

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Taylor and Colt came over from Fayetteville Saturday night, as the story goes .... Colt was tying flies while Taylor drove. Long drive with a headlamp focussed on the vice much less trying to drive while someone is working on flies. They may or may not have gotten any rest before getting on the River. They got on the River early, floated down and got off around the time the Generation started. By the time they dropped by the shop they were completely stoked! Taylor caught and released one of the best success stories for AR' White River Chapter#698, Trout Unlimited, a 20" Bonneville Cutthroat. They were kind enough to allow us to post their picture. 

Many of you have read the success story but if you haven't, See the link for a great read about the stocking and catching of these beautiful fish .... Bonneville Cutthroat Success

Thanks again to Taylor and Colt!! Y'all come on up and maybe just maybe your smile will be as big as theirs.


Generation Camp .... One more Story

Got an update on the TU Generation Camp last day is today (Sunday 6-25-2017). Several young folks are learning about Dry Run Creek, catching lots of Fish and making memories. The local TU Chapter #698 really puts on a great program every year for this. Check their website or Facebook for more information. ( The local Fly Shops were represented along with many, many TU Volunteers. Folks this is really a great program for the younger generation.

One sad story is all on me. I was aiding a young man named Hunter. A very fishy young man, we got down on the creek and few casts later I changed his fly, seemed like the next cast he Hooks up with a Nice Rainbow 24"-25". I'm looking at the fish and realize that I forgot my big Boat Net, and we have a Good Fish on 5x tippet .... This is going to be a big problem. He keeps fighting this fish, it'll make several runs and he'll get that line back but we're not getting any closer than where it got hooked, seemed like close to 10 minuthes goes by, me trying to coach someone that actually knows full well what he has on, I am repeating the Fish Prayer over and over, Please let that knot hold ..... Please don't let it break that 5x tippet .....

I finally realize that I am going to have to borrow a net from one of the many volunteers that didn't forget theirs .... when I step away 10 feet I hear a dejection "Awwww", Yep sure enough it came unbuttoned. Hunter and I just look at each other, I'm saying I'm really Sorry, he is saying the things we all say when we lose a good fish, I tried to horse him to much, he turned and I wasn't ready for it .... Hunter did catch other fish, but none like that one.

Moral of the story .... Never forget your boat net at Dry Run Creek, use heavier Tippet, and be aggressive about getting that net on the Fish!

AllI can say is I owe Mr. Hunter at least one more try at those big fish and I will have a Boat Net with me!!!

I would like to Thank the TU Generation Camp for allowing me to be involved with this program .... I'll do it again whenever ....


Listening to Guides and Fly Fishers

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Barry (Two Rivers Guide), Brad (Two Rivers Guide AR HeadHunters), and Nathan (Two River Guide Ferguson Fly Fishing) took a day off,these guys must have had one of those “Epic” days. Above are just some of theirphotos. I am begging people to make them work every day just to keep fromseeing these kind of photos on my phone/email, and I have to listen to theseguys ramble on and on, one story after another …. Guess I am the jealous type …..If you want one of these “Memorable Trips”, give us a call (Two Rivers Fly Shop),we can get you a day or three that you’ll thoroughly enjoy and remember forLife.

I was able to get on the water with some of the Universityof Arkansas Fly Fishing Club members. Conner, Daniel, and Jackson came overfrom Fayetteville to “school” this “Ole Guy”. Another session of listening toguys go on and on with story after story …. Are you seeing a pattern here? Withguys like these the Fly Fishing community is in Good Hands, they are all “VeryFishy!”  Really enjoyed visiting andfishing with this group, would like to meet more of the Club members, but … thestories … well let’s just say …

The last photo is a ”Little Arkansas Butter” that I hung onto, so I did try to keep up with them.

If you are thinking about getting a Family member or Friend into this sport we call Fly Fishing you can’t do better than Ron’s Beginner FlyFishing School (, it’s a full day of instruction(for 1-2 people) including the very basic skills one needs all the way to timeon the water. After one of these classes anyone will feel comfortable going FlyFishing anywhere! We do have packages available to break into the sport withoutbreaking the bank (Two Rivers Fly Shop Packages)

Come by the Shop in Norfork and we will try really hard togive you a “Great Day on the Water”

As always there are other things going on in the area forthe whole family

Red White and Blue Festival in Mountain Home (…. Try not to miss the “Turtle Races”, Free Concerts, or the Fireworks display

Trout Unlimited White River Chapter has their GenerationCamp, June 24th and 25th at Dry Run Creek (,this will a great weekend for approx. 20 kids. Dry Run Creek and the FishHatchery are a jewel for this area …. You owe to your family to check it out!

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Hot Boat and New Events

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It seems that Brad Smith (Two rivers Guide, AR Head Hunters) had the Hot Boat this week. Above are just some of his photos!

Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Guide) reported that after the Kids Fishing Derby the fish would hit Flies within a second or two of it hitting the water .... not a Bad problem to have ....

For the best fishing it is always best to Hire a Local Guide, they will work really hard to make yours a Memorable Trip!

We have had Wadable Water most days, but it always best to check the SWPA Forecast and the Water Flows .... Several Customer reports have been very good on Wade Fishing .....

For those not going fishing this weekend has a couple things going on

37th Annual Craft Fest in Mountain Home is Friday and Saturday

Wild West Days and World Fast Draw Tournament in Mountain View .... I just hope the "Boss" don't spend all his money on sone "Fancy Shootin Irons"

As always Come see us and we'll try hard to make yours a "Good Day on the Water"


New-Dude at the Shop

So I am the new guy, some are calling me "NewDude", some are calling me Bruce, I won't tell you some of the other things people call me. Come on by and form your own opinion.

There was lots going on the rivers last week or so:

Free Fishing Weekend June 9-11

Kids Fishing Derbies June 10

Casting for Recovery ( Sunday June 11th

Project Healing Waters ( Week end (June 2-4)

The lakes are all below Flood Pool. There has been some wadable water on the Norfork River (check the flow forecast). The White River has been dropped to as low as 8,800 cfs. The North Fork of the White River, Buffalo River, and Crooked creek are getting close to wadable, while lots of floaters are hitting these waters, the fishing is still good. By all means check the water flows before getting on the water.

Lake Tailwater Flows

Creek Flows

If you really want to make yours a memorable trip, Hire a Guide!

Come see us and we'll try hard to make yours a "Good Day on the Water"