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Generation Camp .... One more Story

Got an update on the TU Generation Camp last day is today (Sunday 6-25-2017). Several young folks are learning about Dry Run Creek, catching lots of Fish and making memories. The local TU Chapter #698 really puts on a great program every year for this. Check their website or Facebook for more information. ( The local Fly Shops were represented along with many, many TU Volunteers. Folks this is really a great program for the younger generation.

One sad story is all on me. I was aiding a young man named Hunter. A very fishy young man, we got down on the creek and few casts later I changed his fly, seemed like the next cast he Hooks up with a Nice Rainbow 24"-25". I'm looking at the fish and realize that I forgot my big Boat Net, and we have a Good Fish on 5x tippet .... This is going to be a big problem. He keeps fighting this fish, it'll make several runs and he'll get that line back but we're not getting any closer than where it got hooked, seemed like close to 10 minuthes goes by, me trying to coach someone that actually knows full well what he has on, I am repeating the Fish Prayer over and over, Please let that knot hold ..... Please don't let it break that 5x tippet .....

I finally realize that I am going to have to borrow a net from one of the many volunteers that didn't forget theirs .... when I step away 10 feet I hear a dejection "Awwww", Yep sure enough it came unbuttoned. Hunter and I just look at each other, I'm saying I'm really Sorry, he is saying the things we all say when we lose a good fish, I tried to horse him to much, he turned and I wasn't ready for it .... Hunter did catch other fish, but none like that one.

Moral of the story .... Never forget your boat net at Dry Run Creek, use heavier Tippet, and be aggressive about getting that net on the Fish!

AllI can say is I owe Mr. Hunter at least one more try at those big fish and I will have a Boat Net with me!!!

I would like to Thank the TU Generation Camp for allowing me to be involved with this program .... I'll do it again whenever ....