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Stone Crab Noodling and other such things ....

Some of you may know, some don’t …. I have been in Savannah,Georgia, off and on for the past couple months. Old Career Life raised its head. Anyway, last weekend I got to visit with some very “Salty” folks, on a really nice 93’ Superyacht. Before you start thinking that they might be a little “uppity” for this “Exalted Fly Shop Bum”, let me tell you a story. They invited me to a “Dockside Oyster Roast”. These folks had 2 very large Coolers full of Oysters, another couple Coolers with cold Adult beverages, Grilled Brats and Italian Sausages, Buns and several different sides. The Oh-Fish-al “Roaster” is a retired US Army Ranger, with a story for every occasion. The Captain of the Yacht and several others Love to Fly Fish, so there are a multitude of stories, then all those “Salty’s” wives/girlfriends, they got right in the middle of things and just shook their heads when the stories got a little bigger than they should, and they actually tried to keep a straight face. Nobody ever got even a little obnoxious and everyone welcomed anyone that came walking down the Dock …. Lots and lots of “Here y’all, eat this” …..This is one memory that I will always cherish …. Some really Great folks!

One of the most memorable stories is about their Stone Crabs. Down here on the coast Stone Crab Claws are a delicacy, people run Crab traps as long as they legally can to get as many as the Law allows. Some folks have a slightly different method that reminds me of our area.

Stone Crab Noodling”: You wait for the lowest Tide of the season, get you some knee/elbow pads at the Home Depot. Get out to the Oyster Bars, start looking for crab holes, crawl up to the biggest holes and reach down into each hole and find the Stone Crabs. When the Crabs are in the hole their claws are folded, so, you get a finger into the corner made by the joint,and pull em out. Sounds easy, but imagine the muck your crawling around in not to mention the oysters your laying on, and that is if the holes is above the Low Tide water line. You are reaching into a hole as far as your shoulder will allow trying to get something you can't see, but there you are. Now, once you get them out of the hole (against their will I might add) they can swing that free Claw around and pinch the ever loving s#*t out of you,so you gotta be quick to catch that claw. Then you decide which Claw is the biggest and break it off at the joint. Now you can put the Crab back in the hole, they’ll grow back the Claw you removed and you can “git em” again ... kinda like "Catch and Release" but you get to eat some too! Needless to say there are many cold Adult beverages involved in all this action, so at the end of the day, or before the Tide comes back in, you head back to the Dock and “Steam” your catch and just plain enjoy the treasure of Fresh Stone Crab Claws. You may try to be nice but these things are too good to share with just anybody …. Jus sayin ….

By the time the teller got thru with his story, there was a line of folks wanting to go the next time he went. He did tell a couple folks that he would take them, but didn’t sound too specific about where they would be going.

When I left the dock that evening it dawned on me that Good Ole Rednecks are just Good OleRednecks, no matter where you are …. So if someone asks you anything about Stone Crab Noodling, tell em, we may not have Stone Crabs but we got just the Boys to “git in there a get er dun”! Ain’t it Great to be a Good Ole Redneck!

That ain't no Drift Boat

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