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Week Before Christmas

“Home for the Holidays” is a saying that means a lot to me this year …. Man it’s Good to be Home! When we are away from Family and Friends around the Holidays, well, it just ain’t right. It’s nice to be helping make my famous Jack “Black” Daniels Whiskey Balls, Reindeer Chow, and various Candies, Cookiesand Cakes … the Kitchen smells wonderful … plus the smiles people get when they get a Holiday care package …. Warms my heart (maybe that’s too many Whiskey Balls) …. No matter what you do …. Create something that you can share with Friends, Family and even a couple Strangers …. Share the Joy this Christmas Season .... come by the Shop on Christmas Eve for that last minute gift and possibly a little Christmas Cheer ....

Now the serious stuff, This last week a couple of Retired,Successful Engineers came over. One from out west, the other from Nathanael Ferguson’s (Two Rivers Guide, Ferguson Fly Fishing) old stomping grounds. These are the type of folks that book 2-3 days to make sure they get at least one day of good weather and good fishing. They really did their homework, had the plan made and were ready to execute it, True Professionals! Neither Nathan nor the River disappointed them at all. Sunday was a little overcast after the rain but that was the worst of the weather. After catching lots of Fish and enjoying their stay immensely,they decided to create the perfect Christmas Card to show their Friends and Family just how Professional they are, remember these are Highly Educated,Successful Engineers, then look at the photo ….. these guys just know how to have fun!  Betting that Nathan had a great time showing them ours Rivers!

Come on over, up or in .... Book a couple days with one of our Guides, have a memorable time and maybe make the Perfect Christmas Card to show all your Friends just how a great a person you are, plus they may get an idea of what you want for next year .... jus sayin .....

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