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Hot Boat and New Events

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It seems that Brad Smith (Two rivers Guide, AR Head Hunters) had the Hot Boat this week. Above are just some of his photos!

Barry Annalora (Two Rivers Guide) reported that after the Kids Fishing Derby the fish would hit Flies within a second or two of it hitting the water .... not a Bad problem to have ....

For the best fishing it is always best to Hire a Local Guide, they will work really hard to make yours a Memorable Trip!

We have had Wadable Water most days, but it always best to check the SWPA Forecast and the Water Flows .... Several Customer reports have been very good on Wade Fishing .....

For those not going fishing this weekend has a couple things going on

37th Annual Craft Fest in Mountain Home is Friday and Saturday

Wild West Days and World Fast Draw Tournament in Mountain View .... I just hope the "Boss" don't spend all his money on sone "Fancy Shootin Irons"

As always Come see us and we'll try hard to make yours a "Good Day on the Water"


New-Dude at the Shop

So I am the new guy, some are calling me "NewDude", some are calling me Bruce, I won't tell you some of the other things people call me. Come on by and form your own opinion.

There was lots going on the rivers last week or so:

Free Fishing Weekend June 9-11

Kids Fishing Derbies June 10

Casting for Recovery ( Sunday June 11th

Project Healing Waters ( Week end (June 2-4)

The lakes are all below Flood Pool. There has been some wadable water on the Norfork River (check the flow forecast). The White River has been dropped to as low as 8,800 cfs. The North Fork of the White River, Buffalo River, and Crooked creek are getting close to wadable, while lots of floaters are hitting these waters, the fishing is still good. By all means check the water flows before getting on the water.

Lake Tailwater Flows

Creek Flows

If you really want to make yours a memorable trip, Hire a Guide!

Come see us and we'll try hard to make yours a "Good Day on the Water"