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Trey's last day on Dry Run, Olivia and Colton will take up the slack, and the UARKFF guys are back ....

Big goings on around here ….. have you noticed the lake levels? If not, you need to check them out …. Bull Shoals and Norfork are only 2, yep, 2 feet above power pool ….
Forecast right now is for Bull Shoals to be there on Sept 24th …. That’s this next Sunday (just so you don’t have to find a calendar).
Norfork is forecast to be at power pool on the 26th, next Tuesday ….. really it’s in sight!
With no real rain chance forecast for the next 10 days …. I’d almost bet we will be seeing significant lower flows next week! Woohoo!
Enough with the bubbly, let’s get to the meat!

Trey couldn’t stand not having one more day on Dry Run Creek before his 16th Birthday, so he comes over hits the Creek and scores a Slam …… Browns, Rainbows, Brookies … what a Happy Birthday he had last weekend, heard the Fish of Dry Run had a party on Sunday too! His Dad sent us a photo, and listening to him, he was as excited as Trey! That family has a Memory that will live on forever …..

Taylor Wooten (Flippin Fly Guides) came by the shop to show off a couple photos of Olivia, and Colton and their big day on the Creek. Obliviously there was some Big Fun going on …. Take a look at all these smiles! Really great tyo see all these Younger Folks getting in on our “addiction” ….. oh to be 14 again …. If just for a couple days ….. anybody got a youngster I could rent?

Then I find out the UARK Fly Fishers made a trip over again last weekend, from the story I hear …. They are gonna have a “Hybrid Fish Dinner” for more than a few friends …. Bet that will be a blast ….They do want everyone to know that they will be holding a “Casting Clinic” on the Lawn at Ole Main on Oct 6th …. So if you’re in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area drop by between 3 and 6pm …. Check em out!

On a serious note, if you get a chance to help someone affected by the 2 massive Hurricanes that have hit the U.S. in the past weeks, and now in Mexico, just do what you can ….. good folks will always survive, but it helps when we show we care!
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End of Summer for UARK Fly Fishers

School has started for most folks, this Monday was first day back at it for those UARK Fly Fishers ….. they tried to end their break with a BANG last week …. Brett and Jackson spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday chasing Stripers, Hybrids, White Bass, Rainbows and Brown Trout (aka Arkansas Butter).….I even got in on the Festivities ….. Thanks Guys! …. They have the fish dialed in on Da’ Fork …. Even our Guides are impressed ….

I did talk to several people that are taking their really young ones up to Dry Run Creek for the first time. Guessing they figured that the crowds would be smaller after local schools started. Several stated that they did well, but didn’t get any photos ….. My Advice ….. If your youngster catches a decent fish, it’s Huge to them …. Take lots of pictures, print some of them and then frame them …. Just to show them off years from now ….. we all have those memories, but pictures make the stories even more fun to tell! Moms and Dads usually tell the stories better because the Fish get bigger every time they tell it …. “Fishing People are Born Honest, but they get over it quicker than others!”

The SWPA forecast ( has been and seems to be stuck on 1 ½ generators on the Norfork River (now 10ft above power pool) with 5-6 generators on the White River (now 17 ft above power pool). The Norfork flows are being reported very well, but the White … it’s broke …. Again ….. cutting edge technology? …. (

The Creeks have gotten a little more water over the last week and probably are the best bet for wading … just watch out for the Aluminum Hatch …. Last ditch at a Summer Float can get a little out of control …. We all remember those trips … but we don’t talk about that publicly …. Do we?

As always, Come on by the Shop, We’ll try really hard to make yours “A great Day on the Water”

Brett with a Really Nice StriperJackson with a PIG HybridYours Truly with a decent Hybrid

Brett with some Arkansas ButterBrett and a really Good Rainbow


International Weekend/Week on the River

Image titleJackson with another Norfork Striper

Daniel at it againDaniel and a Crooked Creek Carp .... great fighters!

Image title

Folks, it has been an International weekend/week …. Yup, we had folks come in the shop from Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Zimbabwe (that’s in Africa and their accent is harder to understand than those folks from Texas) .... Some folks came over from Paragould and the boys from Fayetteville were back over …. I’m telling you we get all kinds of different folks in the shop!!! Come on by and see what all the excitement is about. Problem is that most of these people will not share their fish pictures, some will send me photos, most won't (I tell them that I will make them famous, I just don't understand). Tyler got a 25" Brown off a Norfork River Dock, see photo.

I almost have to bribe the Boys form UARK Fly Fishers (with their Sticker Money, Thanks to y’all, I have some for them) to get their photos. Daniel and Jackson came back over and as I have said “These guys are Very Fishy” …. Just take a look at the photos. They fished Norfork and White Rivers, along with lower Crooked Creek …. While I was working, I might add …. I gotta get back in the Boat with these guys ….

Dry Run Creek is the big draw again and again, summer is almost over. All the youngsters will be going back to school soon. The fish are cooperating with the younger anglers, so load them up and get them outside for a day or two, make some memories that will last a long, long time!

Lots of folks are coming in asking about learning to FlyFish, I keep telling them to give Ron McQuay ( a call and setup a day of lessons …. He really is good with youngsters, and adults.

Just so you know, next week is the 2017 Babe Ruth Baseball (13 year old) World Series in Mountain Home. The festivities start Wednesday Aug 9th and run thru Thursday Aug 17th. It may be a little crowded at the Mountain Home area hotels, but the river resorts will have plenty rooms.

As always Come on by the Shop, we’ll try really hard to help you have a Great Day on the Water!


The Boys are Back in Town

Some of the Boys from UARK Fly Fishers came over from Fayetteville again this last weekend. I hear they have summertime finals coming up, so this was a last chance before. Bradley, Daniel and Jackson made the trip over to fish the Norfork for a couple days. I’ve said it before ….. “These guys are pretty darn fishy.” The ‘Fork did not disappoint them at all. From the story I got they caught enough fish that all three were extremely happy! Just take a look at the smiles. As a matter of fact it got silly good, and they were mending to get slack on the smaller fish …..they got to the point that they were throwing everything in the boxes that they wanted and still catching fish .... what a problem to have. Listening to story I was really, really happy that they had “That Good of a Day”!

Okay, so, they caught Browns (Arkansas Butter), Rainbows(Bo-Bo’s), Cutthroat, Bass, Stripers all in one day, on one River …… who does that? ….. Daniel is "the" Striper guy on Beaver Lake so he’s the one that get the big Striper and the Bass. Bradley and Jackson only let me have photos of Trout,but I’m pretty sure from the excitement that everyone caught multiple other types of fish.

Personally if I was in Fayetteville, going to college, I would be trying to get in on some of these trips …. But that’s just me ….

Thanks to these guys for sharing their story and photos of such a good day .... "Ketch em up!" Now to get my boat ready  ....
Bradley and a Fat BrownDaniel and more Arkansas ButterJackson and another piece of Arkansas ButterBradley and one of the CutthroatBo-Bo JacksonBassin on the Fork DanielDaniel and .... really ...


University of Arkansas Fly Fishing Club

Had a couple younger guys (Jackson and Andrew) along with their “Sponsor” (read that as Dad, Mark) come in the shop Sunday, looking for that elusive “North Arkansas Butter”, I have had the good fortune to fish with some of these folks in the past .... good people. They have started the “University of Arkansas FlyFishing Club”, at first they were just trying to get like minded folks to talk fishing, tie a few flies and take a couple fishing trips. That has now blossomed into a full-fledged UA sanctioned group with a Faculty Administrator, Officers, regular meetings and “Fund Raisers” (read that as Mom and Dad have been tapped out). So while they are still fishing together there seems to be more purpose to their trips. They have a lot of energy and are helping/volunteering with their local Trout Unlimited Chapters. I really want to see these young folks succeed in making this club a Permanent Fixture at the University of Arkansas.  In the furture maybe other area schools will have similar groups, and competitions between them. Great to see younger folks getting involved in the sport.

As you can see they did get a Nice North Arkansas Butter to visit the boat, along with a few other friends.

They did drop off some information about their latest endeavor.  See the photos for information and their new Stickers. For a $3.00 donation you can have one, and we’ll go the price of the stamp to get it to you, you can contact us at  Believe me, these stickers will start showing up all over, especially on my friend’s vehicles from Mississippi, Louisiana,and Texas ….. just sayin …. Please, don’t tell em’ that I am the one putting them over their favorite team sticker …..  Some folks get kinda "touchy" about that stuff, you know how they are .....Image titleImage title

Image title


Hunter came from Oklahoma

As a warning .... this story and photos will make you try to find any young person to take to Dry Run Creek .... just a little casting lesson and get a BIG net! .... you've been warned ....

We told you about Hunter dragging his family over, from Oklahoma, last week, well more photos and a video surfaced later. This young man drifted Squirmy Worms, Meat Whistles and Midges thru Dry Run Creek with really Great success. The story I got was the biggest fish ate and then went under, around and thru the Rock ledges that exist everywhere on this little Jewel of a creek. Yes, it was too much for the tippet and that one got away without a photo. He, his Mom (the photographer) and Dad came in with story after story of how this young man worked those fish over. Needless to say his Dad was along for the "Net Man" and had a workout. As a matter of fact I got so wrapped up in the stories, I didn't close the store until 30 -45 minutes late! 

Watch for the EAT on the video!!!!

Image title

Image title

Image title


Taylor and her personal Guide Colt

Image title

Taylor and Colt came over from Fayetteville Saturday night, as the story goes .... Colt was tying flies while Taylor drove. Long drive with a headlamp focussed on the vice much less trying to drive while someone is working on flies. They may or may not have gotten any rest before getting on the River. They got on the River early, floated down and got off around the time the Generation started. By the time they dropped by the shop they were completely stoked! Taylor caught and released one of the best success stories for AR' White River Chapter#698, Trout Unlimited, a 20" Bonneville Cutthroat. They were kind enough to allow us to post their picture. 

Many of you have read the success story but if you haven't, See the link for a great read about the stocking and catching of these beautiful fish .... Bonneville Cutthroat Success

Thanks again to Taylor and Colt!! Y'all come on up and maybe just maybe your smile will be as big as theirs.